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The theory espoused by Angie, the most fervent pro It says this book was first published in , but it feels even earlier, 70s, maybe. The theory espoused by Angie, the most fervent proponent, is that by using computers she doesn't explain that formulas need to be input into the computers , one could get a random bachelor to propose at the end of three months by doing everything that the computers tell you to, in essence, become his dream woman. This debate is believably argued at length until these girls, funded by Lisa, the rich one of the group, decide to pick a guy at random and put their experiment to the test.

Gemma, our heroine, who's the least gung-ho about the experiment for moral reasons, is picked to be the guinea pig. The book is a hugely comedic farce because Gemma has to get a fake tan, wear colored contacts, and a blond wig in order to fit into Paul's criteria.

Angie's experiment comprised of three conversation-less sightings before the actual meeting. The book didn't emphasize but should have how each of these meetings go badly awry. A second sighting on the ski lifts end with Gemma accidentally spilling coffee all over Paul's fancy blend of wool-cashmere sweater made by sheep that have since "died out.

Ginny does offer Venetia the opportunity to go as Ginny on an overnight shoot. Venetia is quite excited and takes her up on it since she's been lax lately in modelling because of her relationship with Alex and has missed doing it. Ginny calls Alex pretending she's Venetia, tells him about the overnight that "Ginny" is on and invites him over the flat. For guess what? That's right.

She's going to sleep with him. It will be his and "Venetia's" first time together in bed. Ginny promises to herself to tell him the truth but only after they've done the deed.

They go to dinner, she pumps him for information and then he pumps her all night long. She never tells him the truth. Venetia comes back from her shoot and because of some psychic link knows that Ginny has slept with a man.

She thinks it was the Paris photographer after she finds out that he's doing Ginny a solo portfolio. Venetia wants to continue working as a model under Ginny's solo portfolio but Ginny thinks it's dishonest and won't do it. Yes, she thinks THIS is dishonest. Alex calls and tells Venetia what a wonderful time he had the night before screwing her brains out, except it wasn't her. She gets off the phone with him and she and Ginny fight.

Really fight. Words are tossed as well as a few fists and there's a bit of hair pulling. It ends with Ginny telling Venetia she can have Alex. She won't tell him the truth because it was such a wonderful night and he's too good for either of them.

Deceived by both and loved by both. She's going to model in the United States and leave them alone. Alex walks in on the aftermath of the fight and tears Ginny a new one. Berating her for her jealous, spiteful ways and promising her that when he and Venetia are married he will make it his mission that they no longer have contact. Ginny doesn't deserve Venetia as her sister. Alex asks Venetia to marry him. But she had always done it so there was no hope of changing her now.

You might as well drive me home, then. Ill tell Alex. I expect hell be glad to leave. Ginny watched her mother thread her way across the room, stopping for a word with a couple of people on the way but eventually reaching Alexs side.

Not as tall as her daughter, she had to tilt her head to look at Alex, who was well over six feet. They spoke for a few minutes and then Alex looked across at Ginny.

She met his glance levelly, not turning away from the scorn in his eyes. Then her mother beckoned her over. Ginny, I left my umbrella in Alexs car; will you go and get it for me? And you can bring your car back here at the same time, cant you?

Having thus pushed them into a situation neither wanted, she turned away to chat happily to an old and dear friend she hadnt seen for sixteen years or so. Are you leaving now? Ginny asked Alex. He nodded with cold reluctance. Ill get my coat, then. They set out from the house to walk back to the church, physically side by side, but with strong mental antagonism emanating from Alex.

They walked in silence for a while, until Ginny said, Mother tells me youre still working with Jeff. How is he? I take it thats just an idle social enquiry, Alex answered with freezing sarcasm. If youd really cared how he was you could have answered the letters Jeff sent to you after you went away.

I did answer a couple of them, but as I didnt expect to ever see him again there didnt seem to be much point in continuing to write. Breaks are better if theyre made clean, she retorted. And his letters had always contained news of Alex and Venetia, news she hadnt wanted to hear. Yes, Im still working with him, and no, he still isnt married. Is that what you wanted to know? His abrupt tone made her fall silent again, afraid that anything she said would only get her head snapped off.

She couldnt think of anything more to say, anyway, nothing that wouldnt bring back painful memories for one or other of them. Most of her memories about Alex were painful, she realised, with one very notable exception. But even that had been gained by deceit.

The church, with its tower crowned by a short, stubby spike, was in view before either of them spoke again, and then it was Alex who said with curt reluctance, Your mother said you werent sure how long you were going to be over here.

No, my plans arent settled yet, Ginny answered in some surprise. Theres some business Id like to discuss with you before you go back to America. What business? Alex frowned at her directness.

My solicitor wrote to you after Venetia died. He got the last two words out all right, but there was bleak unhappiness in his eyes. She named you in her will. Yes, I remember. But you didnt reply, he pointed out brusquely. There was no point in telling him that she had been too ill to cope with anything for several weeks and that afterwards she just couldnt bring herself to answer the letter.

His tone infinitely sarcastic, Alex said, I dare say now that youre so successful, and presumably affluent, anything Venetia left you would be a mere bagatelle, but the things meant a lot to Venetia and she wanted you to have them. Her body beginning to tremble, Ginny turned up the high collar of her coat and held it together, hiding her face. Her free hand she stuffed into her pocket, balled into a tight fist, her nails digging into the cut on her palm.

What do you want me to do about them? He didnt see; he thought she was just heartless and uncaring. Collect them, presumablyif you have time before you have to rush back to your terribly important career, Alex sneered. A sudden rush of anger filled her, warming, life-saving. It flared in her eyes as she turned her head to look at him. Yes, it is important to me. Just as yours is to you, presumably.

What are you doing now, Alexstill teaching at a university? Still reading papers about lasers at boring conferences? The same things after all these years?

Her taunt got to him. His mouth thinned into a hard, set line. Thats right. Still trying to find ways of making the world better for parasites like you. It was obvious that she wasnt going to win this argument. Ginny had reached her car and stopped beside it. Presumably Mother has your phone number. Ill give you a ring when its convenient for me to come and pick up the things. Speak to my solicitor, Alex said curtly, and, taking a card from his wallet, he wrote down the name of the firm on the back.

He handed it to her and Ginny expected him to walk to his car, but Alex hesitated, a grim look in his eyes. Is there something else? He shoved his hands in the pockets of his overcoat. She noticed that his face was thinner than she remembered. His expression was different, too; there were lines around his mouth as if it was often twisted with pain, and he had lost the look of enthusiasm and love of life that hed used to have.

She hadnt seen him smile today but Ginny was sure that when he did his eyes wouldnt crinkle as they used to. There were grey flecks in his hair, too, that hadnt been there five years ago. Venetia left you all her personal possessions, he told her, hating having to say it. That included the house your father gave her as a wedding present. Ginny gave him a startled look. Are you sure? Yes, of course Im damn well sure!

Annoyed at his own outburst, Alex pursed his lips. Its right that the house should be left to you, as it was given by your father. ButId like to download it from you. He gave a derisive snort. You always did come right out with that word. Think about it: Venetia and I lived there together. It holds a great many memories for me.

Memories that I dont want you trampling all over, he said insultingly. I dont want you dirtying it. I dont want to think of you bringing your playboy lovers back to a place where we were happy. His words hurt like knife, thrusts but Ginny was much too proud to let him see. I really dont think I have any playboy lovers at the moment, she said sardonically.

But Alex could take her sarcasm and cap it. But then youve only been in England half a day, which hardly gives even you time to find any, he said mockingly. He thought hed had the last word and turned away, but Ginny called after him, I thought youd have been intelligent enough not to believe everything you read in the papers, Alex. And you really should learn not to insult someone you want to do business with.

Honour satisfied by that riposte, Ginny turned to unlock her car, but before she could turn the key Alex strode back and caught hold of her arm, swinging her round. Dont think I want to, he said savagely. You caused Venetia a lot of heartache by cutting yourself off from her so completely. It was the only thing that spoiled her happiness. And she had such a short time, so few years before she was killed. His words brought all the pain back, made her bleed inside. To hide it Ginny said the first thing that came into her head, and said it flippantly.

Venetia always was a lousy driver. Pure rage transfigured Alexs face. Lifting his hand, he struck her hard across the face.

Twin Torment

Then he stood back, his body shaking, his hands clenched tightly, fighting for control. Dear God! The first time Ive ever hit a woman and it has to be a little slut like you. He turned then and walked away, stumbling as he did so, as if he was ill.

Reaching his car, he leaned against it for a moment before pulling out the keys and opening the door. He didnt look at her again.

Just got in and drove past, his knuckles white as they gripped the steering-wheel, his profile a stone-like mask. Ginny watched him go before getting slowly into the car. The collar of her coat had taken most of the force of his blow but when she looked into the mirror she could see a pink mark on her cheek. Some careful work with the contents of her make-up bag removed it, and when she went back to her fathers house she just looked a little more tanned than before.

Her mother certainly didnt notice anything, but when they got in the car to drive home she looked all round the interior and said, Wheres my umbrella? Your what? Oh, that! Ginny gave her a bemused look and then burst into almost hysterical laughter.

It was a few days before Ginny got round to phoning Alexs solicitor, but he knew all about her so Alex must have been in touch earlier. Ive been instructed by your brother-in-law to make you an offer for the house and for the personal items left to you by his late wife, the solicitor told her, his voice businesslike, devoid of sensitivity. He named the sum, adding that the price for the house had been arrived at by a neutral estate agent, but Ginny had been away from England so long that shed lost touch with house prices and didnt know whether it was fair or not.

Obviously I cant make up my mind without first seeing the house. I can send you a copy of the estate agents estimate.

And if you wish to send your own valuer along to have a look at the house I can arrange for him to inspect it. Thank you, but Id like to look at the house myself. You really neednt put yourself to the trouble, Miss Barclay. I can send you Look, it is my house, isnt it? Ginny broke in, beginning to be annoyed.

Why, yes. But Mr Warwickwell, he His voice trailed off and Ginny guessed that Alex had told him to try to keep her away, to conduct the business by letter.

I shall go to see the house tomorrow morning, Ginny said firmly. Please arrange for someone to meet me there at eleven oclock to let me in. Whats the address? He gave it to her, with instructions on how to reach it, his voice still reluctant.

Mr Warwick may ask me to send someone from this office, he told her before he rang off. The cold winds that had blown on the day of her fathers funeral had died away and the drive to Bath from her mothers home near Cheltenham was a pleasant one through sunlit countryside. Ginny drove carefully, concentrating on driving on the left-hand side of the road instead of the right.

Most of the time it was OK, but sometimes, when she came to dual carriageways and roundabouts, she had to reverse actions that had become automatic. Bath was a beautiful town; she knew it well and had always loved it. As children she and Venetia had been taken there often to see the museums, the ancient Roman Baths, and the beautiful Georgian stone buildings built to provide suitable houses for the nobles and gentry who had come there to take the waters. She arrived early and spent a little time driving round the town just for the pleasure of seeing again the perfect architectural lines of Queens Square, the Circus and the Royal Crescent.

But at ten to eleven Ginny consulted the instructions the solicitor had given her and drove away from the grander part of town to a street which consisted of a long terrace of smaller Georgian houses, their front doors giving directly on to the pavement. Pulling up outside number sixty-two, Ginny turned off the engine and looked at the house.

There were a couple of worn stone steps going up to a white-painted front door with a fanlight above it, and to the right of the door there was a sash window, still the original by the look of it.

The house came as no surprise. It was the kind of house that Venetia would have loved, and Ginny could imagine her sister painting walls and hanging curtains, choosing furniture and carpets, eager to make the house into a home for her and Alex. They were mental pictures that she had seen often before, her close empathy with her twin having brought them vividly into her mind many times when Venetia was alive.

Getting slowly out of the car, Ginny stood on the pavement, trying again to recapture her sisters spirit. She felt closer to her here, far more than at her grave, but she wasnt sure whether Venetia wanted her here or not. There was no one waiting outside to meet her. Straightening her shoulders a little, Ginny walked across the pavement, up the steps and rang the bell. There was dust on the framework of the door panels, she noticed, and the windows wanted cleaning.

Evidently Alex wasnt very house-proudor perhaps he just didnt care any more. She had expected a stranger, someone sent by the solicitor, to open the door, but it was Alex.

Ginnys eyes widened in surprise and, disconcerted, she began to turn away.

The Ice Maiden

Its all right, Alex said abruptly. You dont have to be afraid. He held the door wide and stepped back. Youd better come in. Slowly Ginny did so, her eyes on his face. There was a haggard look about his features, as if he hadnt been sleeping. They both spoke at once. Look, you dont have to show me round yourself I must apologise for hitting you Alex had spoken woodenly, and Ginny gave him a questioning glance, wondering why he was putting himself through this.

Its all right, she said with a shrug. You didnt hurt me. His mouth twisted wryly. No, I dont suppose I did. And, before she could guess at his meaning, he went on, I apologise, all the same. It was unnecessary.

A strange word to describe an instant of black fury. I apologise, too, Ginny said. I didnt mean to upset you. Look, I can go round the house by myself; theres no need for you to No. He gave a decisive shake of his head. I want to be here. I dont want youI dont want to think of you going through her things. They were still standing in the hallway, but now Ginny took a couple of steps into the house before turning to face him again. She was my sister, Alex. I loved her, too.

There was deep scorn in his voice. Yes, I did. And she loved me. Would she have left me this house and her things otherwise? She left them to you because she felt guilty about you. About your going away and cutting yourself off. Ginny frowned, then shook her head.

No, I dont download that. There was no guilt between us. How would you know how Venetia felt? Alex said on a sneer.

You didnt even bother to write to her. It was no good trying to explain the closeness of the bond that had been between them, the almost telepathic awareness of emotions; anyone who hadnt experienced a similar bond would never understand.

And maybe he was right, after all. Maybe Venetia had experienced some guilt feelings; the mental telepathy between the twins hadnt been so strong during the last year of Venetias lifenot until the very end.

Are you going to show me the house? Ginny asked shortly. Alexs face tightened, but he gave a brief nod and led her into a room on the right of the hall. This is the sitting-room. It was a pretty room with light wallpaper and matching curtains, a comfortable sofa by the window and an armchair either side of the fire. There were pictures on the walls and ornaments on shelves. But Ginny felt as if everything she saw was out of focus because of the thick layer of dust that lay everywhere.

No, not quite everywhere; there was a clear trail across the carpet where someone had walked often and a clean patch on the chair on the left side of the fireplace where someone had sat. Instinctively she knew that this was where Alex came to mourn his lost wife and child. You dont live here, Ginny said tightly, searching for normality. No, I have rooms at the university. He opened a double door on the far side of the room.

This leads through to the dining-room. When the house was built it used to have a marvellous view over open fields to the hills, but now he gestured and shrugged as you see. Walking to the window, Ginny looked down on to an overgrown, narrow garden about ten feet below, bordered by high walls, and beyond the far wall there were the unlovely modern roofs of a retail and trading estate.

The kitchen is downstairs. Going back to the hall, Alex went ahead of her down a rather steep staircase to the lower floor. The house, she realised, must be built on the side of a hill, as there was no sign of this lower floor from the front. The kitchen must have been warm and attractive when the house was lived in. The fittings were of natural wood and there were lots of copper and brass utensils hung on the walls, but they had lost their lustre now.

Theres a scullery that we turned into a laundry-room, and a room that used to be a servants room that we just used to store junk. Alexs voice was quite unemotional as he pushed open doors and held them so that she could look in. I see. Turning, he went back up the stairs and then climbed the much wider flight to the rooms on the top floor. Theres just the bathroom and two bedrooms on this floor, he said brusquely. Whats up those stairs? Ginny pointed to a narrow, boxed-in staircase that led up between two rooms.

Not because she much wanted to know, but because she could feel Alexs growing tension. The attic. It used to be used as a servants bedroom, but now it just has the water tanks.

Ginny nodded and waited for him to open the door to one of the bedrooms, but his jaw thrust forward and Alex burst out, I offered you a more than fair price for the house. Why couldnt you just accept it? You dont have any real interest in ityouve just come here to satisfy your curiosity. Perhaps, Ginny surprised him by agreeing.

I wanted to see the place where Venetia lived. I wanted to see if Id got them right. Got what right? Alex asked with a frown.

The pictures I had of the place. But you never wrote to each other; Venetia couldnt have sent you any photographs of the house. Unless your mother Ginny shook her head decisively. Not photographs, I meant mental pictures.

She saw the derision in Alexs eyes and said mildly, You can hardly expect me not to have formed some sort of mental picture of Venetias house. We were always very close, you know. She could see by the curl of his lip that Alex found the idea distasteful, so she said, I take it that door leads to the main bedroom?

As its the door to the front bedroom thats hardly difficult to guess, Alex answered shortly. I suppose you want to go in there. If youd rather I came back alone some other time No, he answered brusquely.

Lets get this over with. He pushed open the door and walked in, leaving her to follow. The room had pale blue walls and a white carpet.

The bed was big and old-fashioned; Victorian, Ginny guessed. Made of polished wood, it was covered by a patchwork quilt in shades of blue that Venetia must have made. Ginny quickly turned her eyes away from the bed, guessing that Alex hated her seeing the place where he and Venetia had made love. And it must have reminded him, too, of the time when he had taken Ginny to his bed. Just once. Such a long time ago. Ginnys eyes went to the floor.

In this room, too, there was a trail of footprints in the dust. They led to the bed, and there was an indentation where someone had lain. Why dont you look after the place? Ginny said, suddenly fierce.

Venetia would hate it to be like this. Mind your own damn business.


But she hardly heard him. Walking over to the built-in wardrobe, Ginny pulled open the door to reveal all Venetias clothes and shoes still in their place. And her make-up bag and bottles of perfumes and lotions were still on the dressing-table in front of the window.

Her portrait, a blown-up studio photograph that had been part of their portfolio when Venetia, too, had been a model before her marriage, hung over the fireplace. But Ginny hardly glanced at it; she saw the identical face in the mirror every day. Youve turned this house into a mausoleum, she said angrily. A shrine. Alex bit the word out, but then put his hands up to his face, and wiped them over it as if wiping away emotion, feelings. Lifting his head, his jaw thrust forward, he said, After Venetia died I had no use for the place.

Shed left it to you, together with all her things, but you didnt bother to reply to my letter, so I couldnt clear it. I just took my own things out and shut the door on it. But you come back. Alex nodded, the lines about his mouth deepening. I come here to remember.

We were so very happy here. He turned abruptly away. The bathroom is at the back. The bathroom had a big, old-fashioned iron bath that stood on clawed feet and jutted out from the wall. It looked like fun, but apart from that the room was pretty utilitarian. On the landing, Alex hesitated, but then went to open the door to the other bedroom. Thats the nursery, Ginny said. She never finished it. He gave her a strange look, almost one of dread.

Slowly he turned the knob and pushed open the door. Ginny went to step inside but stopped on the threshold and then turned quickly away. There was no need to go in; Ginny had found what she was looking for. Her sisters spirit was here in this unfinished room where her child would have lain. Dont you want to see it? Alex jeered as she pushed past him. Dont tell me youre actually feeling something at last.

Ginny rounded on him in a cold fury of anger. Strange as it may seem, you dont have the monopoly of grief, Alex. When Venetia died, half of me died, too. He laughed at that, a loud, derisive laugh of bitter disbelief. Oh, yes, he said in mocking scorn. You felt her loss so much that you couldnt even come to her funeral. Yes, Ginny bit back. Thats exactly why I couldnt come. I felt her loss. I felt her hurt.

I felt her pain. Everything that Venetia felt when she crashed, I felt. I know that she tried to fight, tried desperately for your sake, but the injuries were too great. Ginnys voice had sunk almost to a whisper, the bleak remembrance of black despair in her eyes.

And when she died, when I felt the life go out of her, then I wanted to die, too. There was nothing to live for and we had been so close all our lives, so very close.

Sharing everything. I didnt want to go on living without her. Alex frowned, his eyes fixed on her face. What are you saying? She glanced at him and gave a mirthless laugh. I didnt go to Venetias funeral because II had a nervous breakdown.

The doctors gave it some fancy name but what it boiled down to was that I had suffered everything that Venetia had gone through, and I her voice faltered I nearly died, too. Ginny nodded, putting a hand up to her face. I was in a clinic for several weeks before I recoveredphysically recovered. Alex shook his head incredulously.

I cant believe it. Dont, then, Ginny snapped back, and she turned to run down the stairs. But Alex caught her up in the hall and grabbed her arm, swinging her round.

To Have and to Hold

If youd had a nervous breakdown your mother would have known about it. She was already terribly upset over Venetias death. I wasnt about to add to that by letting her know that I was ill. So I told mymy agent to tell anyone who asked that I was away, working on an assignment. A shudder of remembrance ran through her and Ginny closed her eyes tightly for a moment. When she opened them she slowly lifted her head and looked at Alex, then stiffened.

You dont believe me, do you? Damn it, Alex, do you really think that anything else would have kept me away from Venetias funeral?

PDF Jilted by Sally Wentworth (1983-06-01) ePub

He gave her a narrow, withdrawn look. What I dont believe is that you could feel the physical pain that Venetia experienced. Why, she was a couple of thousand miles away. How could you possibly? I dont know how, Ginny cut in angrily. I only know that I did. But its impossible. Ginny flashed him a scathing look.Duncan looked round approvingly and crossed to look at her collection of framed prints on one of the side walls.

I shall go to see the house tomorrow morning, Ginny said firmly.

The H is thinking the h used the money to try and scam more rich men and then he thinks she violated the agreement not to contact the future Duke. We all go to the Bahamas and the H's pressure to lurve up the h is increasing, the h is still in love and still feeling scorned so her hatred is at an all time high. Astral rated it did not like it Mar 20, Of course, here in this village she was thought of as a local girl made good. He looked surprised, as if he hadnt even expected that much from her.

Shall we walk? But this was a bust that was full of life, her eyes open in the white marble of her face. We have four intelligent girls -- roommates at college -- who start off the book debating the use of computers in matching people up.

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