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Coraline by Neil Gaiman. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. 5BnMk8KjNh - Read and download Neil Gaiman's book Coraline in PDF, EPub, Mobi, site online. Free book Coraline by Neil Gaiman. The day after they moved in, Coraline went exploring. In Coraline's family's new flat are twenty-one windows and fourteen doors. Thirteen of the doors open.

Shortly after moving into an old house with strange tenants living in the flats above and below, Coraline discovers a locked wooden door at the far corner of the drawing room. Disappointingly, it opens on to a brick wall. Days later, after exploring the rest of the house and garden, Coraline returns to the same mysterious door and opens it again. This time there is a dark hallway in front of her.

Stepping inside, the place beyond has an eerie familiarity about it. It looks like her own fl at and, strangest of all, her mum and dad are there too. Soon Coraline finds herself caught in a terrifying alternate world and she must battle to save herself, her family and three lost children. You can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in any newsletter.

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Spread the word! It was locked once more. She supposed her mother must have locked it again. She shrugged. Coraline went to see her father. He had his back to the door as he typed. Coraline shook her head. He still hadn't turned around to look at her. She went downstairs. She rang the door of Miss Spink and Miss Forcible's flat. Coraline could hear a frenzied woofing as the Scottie dogs ran out into the hall. After a while Miss Spink opened the door. It's only Caroline. Come in, dear.

Gaiman, Neil - Coraline

Would you like a cup of tea? Miss Spink led her into a dusty little room, which she called the parlor. On the walls were black-and-white photographs of pretty women, and theater programs in frames. Miss Forcible was sitting in one of the armchairs, knitting hard.

They poured Coraline a cup of tea in a little pink bone china cup, with a saucer. They gave her a dry Garibaldi biscuit to go with it. Miss Forcible looked at Miss Spink, picked up her knitting, and took a deep breath. As I was saying: Lady Bracknell. Character parts. They can't retire you from the stage. Coraline wondered if they'd forgotten she was there.

They weren't making much sense; she decided they were having an argument as old and comfortable as an armchair, the kind of argument that no one ever really wins or loses but which can go on forever, if both parties are willing.

She sipped her tea. I'll read your future. Miss Spink peered shortsightedly at the black tea leaves in the bottom. She pursed her lips. Stop scaring the girl. Your eyes are going. Pass me that cup, child. Miss Forcible looked into it carefully, shook her head, and looked into it again.

Sheis in danger. Misses Spink and Forcible stared at her blankly. Not really. They're good for general, but not for specifics. Coraline wondered why so few of the adults she had met made any sense. She sometimes wondered who they thought they were talking to.

She got up from the armchair and went over to the fireplace. On the mantelpiece was a small jar, and Miss Spink took off the top of the jar and began to pull things out of it. There was a tiny china duck, a thimble, a strange little brass coin, two paper clips and a stone with a hole in it.

She passed Coraline the stone with a hole in it.

The hole went all the way through the middle of the stone. She held it up to the window and looked through it.

The mist hung like blindness around the house. She walked slowly to the stairs up to her family's flat, and then stopped and looked around. In the mist, it was a ghost-world. In danger? It sounded exciting. It didn't sound like a bad thing. Coraline went back upstairs, her fist closed tightly around her new stone. The next day the sun shone, and Coraline's mother took her into the nearest large town to download clothes for school. They dropped her father off at the railway station.

He was going into London for the day to see some people. Coraline waved him good-bye. They went to the department store to download the school clothes.

About Coraline

Coraline saw some Day-Glo green gloves she liked a lot. Her mother refused to download them for her, preferring instead to download white socks, navy blue school underpants, four gray blouses, and a dark gray skirt. Nobody's got green gloves. I could be the only one.

They were talking about which kind of sweater to get for Coraline, and were agreeing that the best thing to do would be to get one that was embarrassingly large and baggy, in the hopes that one day she might grow into it. Then she wandered back.

Oh, there you are. Where on earth were you? Now, I think you could do with some more hair clips, don't you? Coraline didn't say anything. Nothing, I expect. It probably looks like our flat before we moved in.

Empty rooms.

The sun was shining, although the day was cold. Coraline's mother looked in the fridge and found a sad little tomato and a piece of cheese with green stuff growing on it. There was only a crust in the bread bin.

Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Then she came back and got her purse and car keys and went out again. Coraline was bored.

She flipped through a book her mother was reading about native people in a distant country; how every day they would take pieces of white silk and draw on them in wax, then dip the silks in dye, then draw on them more in wax and dye them some more, then boil the wax out in hot water, and then finally, throw the now-beautiful cloths on a fire and burn them to ashes. It seemed particularly pointless to Coraline, but she hoped that the people enjoyed it.

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She was still bored, and her mother wasn't yet home. She climbed onto the chair and reached up. She got down, then got a broom from the broom cupboard. She climbed back on the chair again and reached up with the broom. She climbed down from the chair and picked up the keys. She smiled triumphantly. Then she leaned the broom against the wall and went into the drawing room.

The family did not use the drawing room. They had inherited the furniture from Coraline's grandmother, along with a wooden coffee table, a side table, a heavy glass ashtray, and the oil painting of a bowl of fruit. Coraline could never work out why anyone would want to paint a bowl of fruit.

Other than that, the room was empty: The old black key felt colder than any of the others. She pushed it into the keyhole. It turned smoothly, with a satisfyingclunk. Coraline stopped and listened. She knew she was doing something wrong, and she was trying to listen for her mother coming back, but she heard nothing.

Then Coraline put her hand on the doorknob and turned it; and, finally, she opened the door. It opened on to a dark hallway. The bricks had gone as if they'd never been there. There was a cold, musty smell coming through the open doorway: Coraline went through the door. She wondered what the empty flat would be like—if that was where the corridor led.

Coraline walked down the corridor uneasily. There was something very familiar about it. The carpet beneath her feet was the same carpet they had in her flat. The wallpaper was the same wallpaper they had. The picture hanging in the hall was the same that they had hanging in their hallway at home. She knew where she was: She hadn't left. She shook her head, confused. She stared at the picture hanging on the wall: The picture they had in their own hallway showed a boy in old-fashioned clothes staring at some bubbles.

But now the expression on his face was different—he was looking at the bubbles as if he was planning to do something very nasty indeed to them. And there was something peculiar about his eyes.

Coraline stared at his eyes, trying to figure out what exactly was different. Coraline went into the kitchen, where the voice had come from. A woman stood in the kitchen with her back to Coraline.Now, I think you could do with some more hair clips, don't you?

Outside, the view was the same one she saw from her own bedroom: trees, fields, and beyond them, on the horizon, distant purple hills. You just clipped your first slide! Nights in Rodanthe. Humpty Dumpty's sister hires a private detective to investigate her brother's death.

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