the AttrAction code Vin DiCarlo with Brian Pettit II WWW. . It is updated regularly , and contains many hard-to-ind mini-books as well as. Author: Vin Dicarlo; Type: Downloadable PDF; Size: MB; Downloaded: times; Categories: Pickup Masters, Art Of Attraction; Do you believe in yourself?. See the good and bad of Vin DiCarlo's Attraction Code has 28 ratings and The Attraction Code Pdf: The Attraction Code review is one of the most well-known.

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The Attraction Code book. Read 5 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Let me ask you: Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe that. DiCarlo Diclassified's The Attraction Code reviews by real consumers and expert editors. See the good and bad of Vin DiCarlo's advice. An Easy Way To Get Started With. Also By Vin DiCarlo. The Attraction Code. The Woodhaven Letters. DiCarlo's Escalation Ladder. Secrets of Sexual Tension.

Intrigue, and the proper use of intrigue is more powerful than anything that you could possibly say about yourself. Because no matter what you say about yourself or demonstrate to her, she can always imagine something better. The real meat starts on chapter 4. This is where Vin explains in depth what the Attraction Code is.

Towards the end of the book, Vin goes more in depth on how to keep that invincible state of confidence. He also talks about how to inspire women to become a better person through shaping. Reading those sections, I can see how strongly Vin understands the psychology of human interactions. Everything you do is a conditioning process. If you are aware that everything you do has a consequence and natural predictable reaction to it, you can learn to respond to the forces in your life instead of just reacting to them.

You yourself are a force of nature to be reckoned with. You are a force that can influence and impact people the way you choose to.

Vin knows that. He wants you to see that. Hopefully, after reading his book, you too can start walking towards that higher level of consciousness where attraction becomes an assumed part of your life.

I know people like to browse things before they download so why don't you go take a look at the sneak peek preview copy here? Better, go listen to Vin's teleconference from last night when he answered questions about the e-book. Finally, if you are are ready to learn how to THINK the right way about attraction and how to embody attractiveness, go get his book. About Author: Real Name: Vin DiCarlo Affiliation: He is best known for the " DiCarlo Escalation Ladder ", which is a step-by-step break down of kino escalation.

Vin DiCarlo is most well known for the DiCarlo Escalation Ladder, a step-by-step kino escalation ladder that breaks down the process of kino from the first touch, all the way to sex. Vin DiCarlo is one of the absolute masters at controlling logistics in order to lead to one place, his bed! Some of the experiences he's shared with us have shattered our ideas of what's possible on follow-ups and first dates.

Vin DiCarlo runs a high-end dating consulting company by the name of " DiCarlo DiClassified ", that offers exclusive private coaching for their clients. What both sexes want is a pressure-free, no-strings-attached relationship until it an intimate committed relationship naturally forms on its own. No honest, healthy, moderately experienced man or woman will argue with this.

Women can smell false integrity or a guilty, self-centered intention a mile away. Seeing a woman as your enemy means you are not used to women wanting what you are ofering. It means that you are used to women disliking you. It means you have to conquer women against their will, by means of treachery. When you try to turn a woman into a concept or a robot to be controlled with tactics you limit yourself from truly connecting with her.

Instead, understand them, pay attention, and control yourself.

The Making of the Attraction Code

I am scared of girls. I just get so nervous around them. It makes no sense. I hate the idea of poisoning my body just so I can talk to a lb. My older brother is the bravest guy I know. He was in the Marines for 6 years, and has been working at a car dealership since he got out.

Run on in the house and grab some hot dog buns. When she comes back out, she hands us our beers. I say thanks. She walks back to my mom. Well, actually, I guess I did. But I need to know how to handle this fear.

He talked about getting in fights when he was young. He also talked about getting out of the mili- tary, and coming back to normal life, and how scary that was. He talked about getting married, and how he sometimes worries about supporting his wife, and being a good father to their baby. He said that fear is in your mind. When you are faced with a challenge, your thoughts will make you afraid.

The challenge is not the thing to fear When you stop to think about how badly things might go, you are toast. Focus your mind on what you are doing, and act, now.

One of the guys is scared of an upcoming gun battle. You do the thing you are afraid of first.

And then the fear goes away. Not the other way around. And the only way to do that is to focus on what you are doing, and act. No more analyzing my fear. I have to act. I need experi- ence. I need to get over this hump, so I can relax and make this happen for myself. I am committed to figuring this out and getting this part of my life solved.

The following night, I go out with some friends. No crutches, no help. We walk in to the bar, my two drunken friends, and me. I see all these people in a differ- ent way, now. They look so scary now that I want to talk to them. I see girls in miniskirts, heels, makeup. They look intimidating. I see guys.

They all look bigger and more con- fident than me. I see some girls close by, and go over. You all look really hot.

I feel retarded. My heart is pounding. I talk about my job, friends, my ex-girlfriend. The more I talk, the less interested she seems. After a few minutes she says she has to go to the bathroom with her friends. I go back to my buds standing by the bar. A cute blonde walks past. My friends are cracking up. I see some cute girls sit- ting down across the room. I go over.

DiClassified Trainer, Brian Pettit

I ask her if I can sit down. She moves her purse. I try to flirt by tell- ing the girl next to me how cute she is. I ask her if she has a boyfriend. She starts paying more attention to her friends. I get up and walk off. I tell my friends bye and then I leave. Tonight he did what very few guys are able to do. He approached women despite his fear.

And he actually got into some decent conversation, at irst. Notice that the girls like Patrick at irst.

But he talks too much, trying to impress the girls and make them like him. He is so worried about saying the right things, that most of what he says is very boring and irrelevant to the group discussion. Women are attracted to him, until they see that he is nervous and trying too hard.

He is probably on the prowl, and probably desperate. Notice how going slow, and having an empty mind is so crucial to all this. Not that slowness is inherently attractive.

It implies that you are relaxed. Being relaxed means you are comfortable around women, and you are unafected by other people. One thing Patrick does well already is opening. I wake up the next day, and realize something. In between classes, I try to make eye contact with every girl walking past. I get a lot of smiles, and some weird looks too. At first, I think that I must have done something wrong the couple times girls ignored me or looked at me strange.

But then I think of all the girls who smiled. So why the weird looks? Why the occasional hostility? Is it me? And I go alone. This is not about getting girls anymore.

Before I go out, I sit in my room and think about last night. The last group I talked to responded re- ally well at first. I remember noticing that I felt really good I also remember that I was pretty honest with what I said. I was just being social at that point. But what happened after that?

Things seemed to go downhill, the more I talked. So how do I keep the conversation going? I have to get the girls to talk. Be cool, like Terrell and Jill said. Imagine being smaller and physically weaker than almost half of the population. Imagine risking pregnancy if you have sex.

Imagine being judged by men and woman by your appearance and having to maintain yourself all the time. Imagine desperately wanting sex and having to balance that with wanting to ind a man you can trust. She is smaller and weaker than men. Her power is in her social alliances.

She gets pregnant from sex, and has to carry the baby inside of her for nine months, and is wired to continue nurturing that child. Half of attraction is about perceiving someone as having the potential to satisfy a need. Women are attracted to men who they perceive will help them survive, and give them healthy babies.

Women irst feel attraction on a biological level, as a feeling.

Humans are thinking animals. We are who we are because of the evolution of the mind. However, we know that women act on feelings and then do the explaining and justiication for that action.

Actions stemming from the Attraction Code must cause primarily emotional responses in women. Several years ago, I noticed something very unusual. When I spent 10 or even 30 minutes with a girl, she would end up being much more likely to lake. But upon further relection, I realized that there was something much deeper going on. Whenever we receive an inadequate amount of information, our mind will ill it in based not only on our past experiences, but also on hopeful, wishful thinking.

In other words, if your irst impression was very positive but short, she would ill in the rest of her concept of you with more positive character traits. Keep in mind this is entirely subconscious and automatic. You are using the power of her imagination to do the seduction for you! As a rule, intrigue, and the proper use of intrigue is more powerful than anything that you could possibly say about yourself. Because no matter what you say about yourself or demonstrate to her, she can always imagine something better.

And as she takes the time to think about you in an attempt to igure you out, she is actually mentally committing to you and further investing in you. However, there are some concepts of his that can be useful in understanding women.

For example, his model of the id and superego as counter forces moderated by the ego is extremely applicable. Without getting into all the complexities, know that while a woman has physical urges, i. Since you actually do have the same goal, this is a lot easier than it sounds. When a woman sees a man that she feels can satisfy her needs, she is attracted to him.

Women need to contribute, to help, to submit, and to be enjoyed; they need to be a source of arousal and pleasure for you. She was sitting on the sidelines, getting stagnant. A woman is not fully satisied unless she is satisfying you.

She only completely enjoys sex when you enjoy sex. She trusts you if you make her be trustworthy. She feels comfortable when you are comfortable. She can only enjoy sex fully if she feels it is a reward. She can only enjoy your masculine gifts — your attention, presence, body, if she earned it irst. Compliance has many meanings, but when talking about it in terms of pick-up, it means: Getting a woman to contribute to your interaction together, or to aid in your lifestyle.

Meanwhile she drove 45 minutes to meet me where I wanted to go to dinner. Why does all of this work? On the other hand, there are countless examples of things that sold more when the price was raised. No one wants anything that comes easy, and women will often resent guys who go out of their ways to please them.

She is smaller, physically weaker, and if she gets pregnant she carries the burden of a fetus in her body for nine months, and also, the responsibility nurturing and protecting the child. She wants to have sex and to have a man in her life. But since she is so vulnerable and is investing and risking so much she has to make sure she takes that risk of having sex with her best option — a dominant man.

But she can only interpret who you are by making inferences based on your character. Your character is conveyed by your physical behavior and your emotional state. A big part of your character is actually determined by your frame. In order to understand what I mean by frame, imagine two men watching a sunset with diferent colored sunglasses on. Two people can see the exact same incident in two diferent ways. Others may perceive him as self serving — only giving because he selishly wants to be seen a certain way.

Frames are very important when we talk about how you perceive women and their behaviors. When you have a strong frame, other people tend to accept it. If you perceive her tests as playful and cute, they will often turn out harmless. If, on the other hand you perceive her tests as being scary and intimidating, then that is what they will become!

Women test your frame to ind out if you are used to women liking you, if you try to make others feel good about themselves and their contributions and if you feel the need to impress others.

She needs to know if you have a mind geared for survival. Do you get distracted by the opinions of others? Do you feel threatened by women? Do other men make you nervous? Do you emotionally unstable causing you to be unduly afected by circumstances? If she were to ask you these things directly, she knows you could lie.

So she instead of asking you she tests your focus, your reactions, and gauges your intention and your personal beliefs. She watches you and feels you. She infers things about your character instantly, based on unconscious and rather ingenious intuition. She is wired for this. From the moment she is aware of your existence, she is screening your character. A weak and submissive man who memorizes routines is still a weak and submissive man.

The tests are designed to give her information about his status and dominance. The Attraction Code should not only help a man automatically pass her tests, but also increase attraction each time he does. This is the inal clue to the Attraction Code.

I will now start putting the pieces together in the form of concrete breakdowns of female psychology and behavior. This will continue for the rest of the chapter, ultimately arriving at a full disclosure of the Attraction Code in Chapter 4. He immediately says hi to two girls near the door. I had a girlfriend since college, so I never went out without her and my boys. Patrick reminds himself to relax, and get the girls talking. He is relaxed, and having fun getting to know the girls.

You guys having fun? He asks one guy about the result of a boxing match from the night before. He already knows what happened, but he just wants to make a connection and stay extroverted. And then he sees her — a gorgeous dark haired girl, curves in all the right places, perfect hair, makeup, stylish outit. She is beautiful, and very intimidating. She is surrounded by a big group of guys and girls.

All the guys are talking to her, and the girls keep pulling her around to dance and gossip. She is laughing and enjoying all the attention. Patrick immediately gets nervous, because he knows he has to talk to her. He starts walking. Bow to me. He knows this is not the way.

Patrick remembers to ask questions. He feels more powerful, more in control. He feels like he could be just as attractive as the girl. He decides to play with it, and relaxes into his new attitude.

She is awesome. We are laughing and teasing each other. I like her style, and wish I could let go like she does. Then one of the guys she was talking to earlier wedges in between us and gives her a big one- armed hug. No offense man. This is my friend James. Just then, Tanya gets dragged off by her friends. All these guys are checking her out. James seems like a cool guy.

Why does it matter? Good for you. Tanya gets annoyed and walks off. James walks up. Dude, I was messing with you ear- lier. Tanya would never go for you. Just leave. I thought James was cool. I walk towards the door, and I see Tanya. I try to step towards her, but she looks forward and brushes me away with her hand. Patrick ends another night on a sour note. As soon as you let someone change your focus or your state without your conscious choice, you are essentially submitting to them.

You lose your dominance when you react. People are unpredictable. Tanya was getting dragged around. James was two-faced. Alcohol made it worse. If you try to predict and control people, or you allow their mess to afect you, you will sufer.

Warmth usually wins. Being warm and friendly is a better social strategy than beating your chest to display your manhood. Patrick could have avoided the confrontation by simply introducing himself to the guy. He was doing his best to pursue the girl he wanted, and stand up for himself. What Patrick must realize is that he can only be disrespected by others if he perceives disrespect and keeps his focus on petty conlict.

By focusing on something higher than protecting his ego, he transcends the cool-game, and becomes truly dominant. Women actually become attracted to many guys throughout the day. And most of the time men will fail the test.

And when they do the emotion of attraction subsides and they can go back to their business. When a woman tests a guy and he fails, the sequence goes like this: Feeling of slight Attraction 2.

See a Problem?

And when you pass the tests, the sequence looks more like this: Attraction spike 4. Backwards rationalization and cognitive dissonance All of this can happen below her awareness in an instant. Every test, no matter how large or small follows this pattern. In general, there are three distinct types of tests.

In order of diiculty, they are receptivity, Windows of opportunity, and challenges. In the mating game a woman usually takes on a more passive role. She does what she can to be attractive — sexy clothes, makeup, staying in shape, etc. In my experience even women in committed relationships are usually open to meeting guys.

Her receptivity is considered a test because it comes down to what you do. In fact, there are many ways to fail this test. If you are waiting and watching her tentatively, you are sending her the message that her time and priorities are more important that yours. Windows are extremely subtle and usually very brief.

Women want to see if you perceive the windows and if you know what to do when you see them. Plus, she has to maintain her social reputation. She may linger for half a second longer when her friends walk to the other side of the bar.

She may explain herself a little more than is necessary when you ask a question. She wants to see if you are interested in her character, and if you will take the lead and isolate the two of you for a more focused conversation. Assuming attraction means that you are interpreting an indeinite signal on her part as attraction and acting on that interpretation. Maybe when you approach a woman she acts cold to you or tries to make fun of you.

First, she wants to see if you give up easily or if you have endurance like a true survivor. Also, she wants to know if you are really used to women liking you. You have absolutely no concern with making her like you. You know that she already does, and is just playing a game. Another insight will help here.

To you it may seem harsh if she calls you a name or tells you to get lost. Remember, she is smaller and essentially harmless. To her you are a big, strong guy that could easily hurt her. She tries to qualify you as if she were an authority.

Many times they are not. Use your intuition — if something about it makes you feel smaller or uncomfortable, she is trying to see if you value her approval.

Women have an intuitive sense of approval seeking behavior.

Like the other tests, deal with this by not getting overly excited about her compliment, and never, ever get upset that she is testing you. In that case, you should always have a default behavior that you can use very quickly that will get you to pass the test without much conscious thought.

What I did a lot when I was irst learning this stuf was a very simple shrug. She tests you with a challenge. You shrug. Start talking about something else. Easy, huh? What you just said had little efect on me. But it all began with building my comfort in the face of a challenge. And the shrug is a great way to do exactly that. I meet a bunch of her friends, we play volley- ball, and I eat some chicken and fruit salad.

I understand how I must look when I try too hard! I feel awkward. We are making small talk, and laugh about how she used way too much lighter fluid when she tried to get the grill going. I know I need to kiss her. I down a couple cans of beer really fast. We are sitting next to each other.

I try to bring up something else, but she seems bored. I gotta go for it. I lean in and try to kiss her, but she jerks away, surprised, and I almost fall off the seat. I can feel the blood rushing to my head. I am embarrassed. Just give me a call sometime. Patrick is blowing this way out of proportion. Yeah, he messed up the kiss. So what? It was how he reacted to it. He made another mistake too.

She was making strong eye contact, touching him, talking to him a lot, and he never touched her. When they were alone together, he kept the space, and talked about logical, boring stuf. When he saw she was bored, he forced the kiss while he thought he had a chance. Most importantly, Patrick is still seeing a kiss as a prize that a woman gives him.

Patrick sees sex from a woman as a prize or favor. He felt great when he approached the brunette and challenged her to impress him. I ask Terrell what went wrong.

And remember — being smooth means moving for- ward gradually. No sudden leaps. Women touch me on my arm first. I notice that after a few minutes, if we are having fun togeth- er, I naturally put my hand on their backs. They seem to be ok with this. They liked it. Hands, arms, back, and sometimes front, and then… if I want to kiss, I have to be close to her head already, or at least touching it, so I can pull her in. Arms, torso, head… Gradual.

Then Terrell said: Women are the same. Make it easy for her to imagine being naked with you, bent over for you, on her back with you on top, on her knees sucking your dick.

You have to get your mojo baby! Be sexual You fuck! I want to hear you say it You bend girls over and fuck them! Stop smiling. Own your dick! Be proud of your dick. See yourself as that guy who fucks girls. He said he was horny, but not in a functional way. He was too nervous. Relaxed and comfortable is the base state of dominance.

In order to be passionate, you must irst relax. You get her there by escalating smoothly, i. Touch her lightly on her arm, and then give her elbow a squeeze when she does something cute. Touch her back as you talk, put your hand on her hip as you walk together, squeeze her with a loving, one-armed hug. Once seated or alone, tell her you like her hair, and touch it, rest your hand on her shoulders, give her a little neck and shoulder massage. If the place is loud, let your lips touch her skin as you speak into her ear.

Allow your heads to bump as you talk. Give her one — make it a little treat you give her for being such a cutie.

Terrell is puzzled by Patrick. What do you want to do with a girl? Write a book with her? Do science experiments? The less your mind is filled with details and instructions, the more spontaneous and charming you become — this is the basic concept of Natural Game very different from the structured strategies of Mystery's Revelation or Love Systems' Magic Bullets , for example.

Well Presented and Thought Out The ebook is well presented, with excellent graphics, classy pictures, etc — very professionally put together. You hear his thought processes, mistakes, and progress. While this may sound gimmicky, it is actually well written and useful for readers to relate to. It Should Happen Naturally The first two chapters explain social and evolutionary psychology theories, and how those relate to Natural Game. From the research, DiCarlo concludes that attraction is a game of displaying cues of dominance.

Displaying these cues should not be done through tricks and techniques but through higher level processes. That way you don't have to think how to pass tests that women give you, it just happens naturally thanks to the way you perceive yourself on the inside.

The Attraction Code

Relying too much on techniques and lines, says DiCarlo, can stop you from internalizing the core attitudes of an attractive man. The experience of a dominant man is different from the experiences of others, not just externally in terms of projection of confidence, but also internally, as an emotional experience. In fact, it is what happens internally that makes the outward confidence possible.

DiCarlo asks you to reflect for a second on the nature of your thoughts. But you can control how YOU think. These 2 chapters are great.

Female Psychology The third chapter focuses on female psychology.Successful humans stuck together, and helped each other navigate the environment. No amount of theory and conceptualizing can replace undistracted attention to the woman in front of you. That's what this book helps to teach you. Rinse and Repeat. In this e-book, Vin is not going to give you pickup techniques for you to practice. Copyright c pualib.

Never try to resist, argue, try to get her to stay over or try to make more plans with her. DiCarlo asks you to reflect for a second on the nature of your thoughts. Good skin and hair are signs of health. His mindset.

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