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the resurrection of the meadow (pdf) by robin artisson (ebook)\The Resurrection of the Meadow\ is described by the author as \A Record of Thirteen Occult. Author and professional diviner Robin Artisson offers instruction in a The Art of Divination with Playing Cards by Robin Artisson, Caroline St. Clair Free PDF. Robin Artisson - Download as Open Office file .odt), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt ) or read online.

Now, in reference to the central portion of your question, "what happens"- the same thing that happens to any dead person happens to a suicide victim, because death is death. The body ceases to work; it is injured to the point that the unity of systems in the body which work to keep life-force present, vital, and circulating can no longer do their job, and so the life-force leaks out and returns to the sky and ground.

The breath, which is the chief carrier of life force, exits the body and rejoins the wind of this world, from which it came in the first place. This is the "breath soul"- one of the two "souls" we can be said to have; it goes back to the Master of Life, the breathgiver, he who Indwells the all- surrounding wind and air of this world.

The other soul will depart soon after this as well- the "other" soul is variably called the Free Soul or the Wandering Soul. In my thinking on the matter, drawing from the vast amounts of literature on the topic of the dual-soul model which is found in nearly every primal and traditional culture around the world, including in Pagan cultures in Europe the free soul "accompanies" the breath soul for a short while at the departure of the breath soul. Then, they come apart, they part ways, and the breath soul "depersonalizes"- ceases to carry the specific patterns of the body-soul complex it once vivified for the space of a life.

It becomes simply wind, part of the great wind of the world. But the Free soul, however, carries on, journeys away to the Underworld, sinks down, goes down, flies down, whatever- it is guided by spiritual beings that the person had alliances with during life, and its destiny is very mysterious.

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Its destiny belongs to the mysteries of Fate, specifically. Every journey of every free soul is unique, in a sense, for the powers that the dead human engaged during their life have an impact on this journey after death. Thus, the destiny of the free soul is an ongoing shaping, and it has to do with power-alliances and power-interactions.

While you are alive, your free soul and breath soul are mingled with your body, and the three, most of the time, act as one being- the "being" you identify consciously as you. From the breath soul comes the power of intellectual and rational thinking, the power to measure and rationalize the world, to measure the outcomes and impacts of actions taken in the world, and to feel a very vibrant connection, as wind connects everything that lives.

Also, because of these factors, the breath soul is the basis of "conscience", in a sense.

While you're awake and breathing and alive, the breath soul, in a sense, gives conscious form and shape and direction to the much more mysterious and intuitive and strange reality of the free soul- but when the breath soul is relaxed in sleep, the free soul becomes more active, and it can wander- as it does in dream states, or in out of body experiences.

While you are alive, when it is wandering, it is still influenced by the breath soul in a way, so you always "make sense" of visions and dreams during these experiences in a uniquely living human sort of way. But when you die and give up the breath soul, you are left with only a wandering soul, and without breath, without life-force, reality appears surreal and dream-like and very, very strange.

The Preparation of the Three Purities

We can't talk much about the specifics of the journey of the departed wandering soul precisely because it takes place beyond the reasoning power of the breath, beyond the "bright consciousness" you are now using.

In fact, from our perspective, dead people are just plunged into what appears to our reasoning minds to be oblivion or darkness or zero activity.

But that is not so. What they are experiencing, however, would make little sense to us, because we are alive and they are dead.

Your friend who took their own life lost their life-force and breath soul rapidly in the first day or two, or possibly up to a few more days- some say the "separation of the breath soul and the free soul can take up to nine days and then they wandered off, as a released free soul, onward to whatever dreams may come, in the heart of the world, into the interior depths of everything which have no bottom and no boundaries- the Underworld, some call it.

This "place" is where all free souls "come from" if you consider things in a narrative or story sense, which is the best sense in this case, for the free soul and its doings are always best expressed in story-like, mythical terms. Those alone come the closest to the "truth", when dealing with things that don't make rational sense.

That this person took their own life is a mere detail. What they face after death is the same we all face- the separation of the breath soul from the free soul AFTER those two forces have lost their perceptual connection to this thing we call a "body", and then, after that, they face a dream-like state of journeying or transforming or shape-shifting, completely as a free or wandering soul, for the seat of our birth-less and deathless awareness IS somehow connected to the free soul.

She is common mother to our free souls. Our breath souls come from the Great Above, from the Master of Life "Life" here meaning "breath soul animation" and he "gets back" what part of him he gave at birth. The rest goes back to the depths from which it came. Now, the nature of the free soul's journey is what you are inquiring about.

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Before that journey begins in earnest, the "two souls" have to come apart, and some say that can be traumatic, for it marks the real end of a deceased person's easy access to their personality, memories, and ability to have a form of cognition that they became accustomed to during life. Certain aspects of memory do carry on, but nothing like what you experience as memory now. What you often experience as memory now is due to the operation of the body and the presence of the breath soul.

The World itself can be said to remember all things, but we individuals discard and lose memories with some regularity, both in this life, and beyond. I know from direct experience that some of the inhabitants of the Underworld have memory of who and what they "used to be" when in other worlds, though most don't. This "country of wandering souls" deep below is Faery-Elfhame, and the wandering soul is nothing but "Alf" or "Elven" or "Fayerie". They are "below"- merged with the Land.

And some of them, as folklore has shown, remember who they were in mortal lives before, as humans, or even as animals in the human world.

Why is this? I will explore that mystery later.

I can say that most don't have that much awareness of "the bigger picture" in the below, just as most humans here don't have that awareness of the greater picture. The dead become, at broadest analysis, one and the same as the "Fayerie" people- by dwelling inside the land, they are merged with the land.

They view themselves as "one" with the features of our land- the trees, the grasses, the waters. They feel themselves in that way, at many times. During the first stages of death, and perhaps in the later stages of the free soul's journey, one must meet the shadow, the darker powers that represent the consequences of how we lived. To put it shortly, the deceased must face a being- ordinarily depicted in cultural myths around the world as a black dog or a dangerous, threatening being of some sort, often in animal or canine shape, but in other shapes too- which represents the sum total of the negative forces destructive forces one literally conjured up through how they lived in this world.

When we do terrible things to other lives, or to the Land itself- and trust me, we can do things that Nature itself is harmed by with some ease in some cases- it provokes a response from the Unseen, in much the same way Janet was able to summon Tam Lin by ripping and tearing the roses of Carterhaugh- by violating the life-force in that sacred place, the guardian of that place, Tam Lin, was summoned automatically. He had no choice but to come, for she was crossing a boundary that Fate and Nature had apportioned not to be crossed without such a consequence.

So, if we've done anything really destructive to the inter-locked community of life of which we are a part, we have already summoned the dark consequence of that, and it will stalk us on our journey after we die. Now, fortunately for all of us, primal peoples everywhere also taught the way to deal with that being, should you encounter it, and those methods all boil down to showing it no fear and marching onward without hesitation. Those who have bad powers as allies and familiars in life- the true "witches" in the authentically "evil" sense- may discover that their allies are more trouble than they are worth in that journeying state after death!

Or, true to the fact that we cannot put rules on such odd, extraordinary states, perhaps the truly won't be that troubled when other wicked powers come to consume them or "take their pay"- paying the Piper and all- and this may explain why the dead who were evil in life are often believed to become powerful and even more evil in death, or at least to have the potential to do so.

At any rate, no one really wants to be in the debt of such terrible powers, and those who do have already lost enough of their humanity to where the dark fate of their free soul probably was already accomplished before they died anyway.

Whether we died of old age or disease, or violence, or suicide, all take the journey, all face consequences, and all are following their own road, towards a mysterious Fate or destiny of which little can be said. I can say that free souls return, ideally, to the "depths", to the Ancestral country where the free souls of others have gone- particularly the Ancestors- and perhaps enjoy some mysterious life among them, of natural joy; or perhaps, their "lives" are like ours, a mixture of many joys, curiosities, and sorrows.

I cannot say, but I suspect the case is beyond what we can imagine. And I suspect we will all find out one day. I do know that free souls can "wander" right back to this world, or other worlds, regain a breath soul through the ancient sorcery of lust, the womb, and incarnation, and live as humans again, but that's not a guaranteed thing, nor an easy to understand thing, and, lacking the breath soul of the "previous life", there is little or not chance that much from any previous lives will be remembered- and the many strange experiences of the Underworld will be "dimmed out" by the shocking vibrancy of the life force and breath soul of the new life, to be nothing but dim, irrational, surreal memories, if they are remembered at all, and they are- but often only in dreams.

The true Land of the Dead is, after all, also the country of dreams and visions. There is much relief in the separation of the breath soul and the free or wandering soul: much of the "mind noise" and bullcocky that people live their lives in fear of dissipates when the breath soul is gone. A person traveling previous to the total separation of the breath soul may, indeed, fear damnation or the like, or may believe the other beings and experiences they are having in that state if they are disturbing are demons or hell come for them, but that fades away.

One of the secrets of overcoming the fear that can be a part of this natural progression is to realize that no matter how disturbing something seems while on this journey, it doesn't come "For" you, it comes "From" you. That is a deep and important understanding. Once the hell-fearing person undergoes the separation completely, they are not that sort of person anymore.

They attain a different way of feeling and experiencing, which includes soul-deep memory of reality itself, and their true family, and the true sources of life and power. Christianity is a byproduct of the conscious experiences of unwise living people, going back generations.

The things that it is based on no longer hold any water nor have any ground when the great depths immerse a person's wandering soul. Christianity very much belongs to the world of the sunlight, of life, of the breath soul. It is born from social norms, political conflicts, and fear.

Those things cease to matter to the dead. Your friend went down a "road" that we all go down one day eventually.

We are not Fated or destined to have a union of body, breath soul, and free soul forever; only for the fateful season of life that comes upon us when it does. Your friend's free soul is still following its road, on its journey, in the hands of the powers closest to it, and their free soul is fine, right where it needs to be at this moment.

I lament with you that you can't have that experience of their free soul like you used to, when you were both joined to the forces of life in this world, but then, we are all raindrops falling, in a way.

The story of this world- which may be said to be the sum-total of all stories of all free souls human and non-human is very huge. Maybe one day, in the strange dream of this world's story, you'll have a new experience of that friend. Our free souls are truly ageless, as old as this cosmos, and some might say that they are innate parts of this cosmos.

At any rate, I have suffered the sting and terror of suicide, too, in my own friend-group, and I work hard now to reach out to people as much as I can, because you never can tell- or should I say- you ordinarily can't tell. Extraordinary measures, on the other hand The Fates of life and death and the Fates of souls are really, in a sense, beyond our ordinary reach.

We're all just along for the ride, and we just need to be as wise and kind as we can be, until we take that road, too. It is useful to consider the breath soul and the free soul as the sun and moon of the body- for the breath soul, connected to the winds and sky, is associated just as the Master is with the sun and the conscious state, and the free soul, connected to the depths within and below, is associated with the moon and the unconscious states- and the watery, murky, strange depths of the Underworld.


I sometimes call the free soul the "water soul", and the breath soul the "air soul"- with the body making up the "earth" they both inhabit, and our individual wills being associated with the fire and heat of the body and souls together. I only wanted to be here in this spot- I don't know why, for I was afraid of something- I don't know what.

I remember, though I suppose I was asleep, passing through the streets and over the bridge. A fish leaped as I went by, and I leaned over to look at it, and I heard a lot of dogs howling- the whole town seemed as if it must be full of dogs all howling at once- as I went up the steps. Then I have a vague memory of something long and dark with red eyes, just as we saw in the sunset, and something very sweet and very bitter all around me at once; and then I seemed to be sinking into deep green water, and there was a singing in my ears, as I have heard there is to drowning men; and then everything seemed passing away from me, my soul seemed to go out from my body and float about the air.

This good gentleman has important reasons to ask, and so I think this is a great honor, to be able to share these things. Before I start, I want to say what I said to him- I wish we had a better language to use when talking about death because the word "death", and all of the notions that surround it, have become hopelessly loaded-down with a lot of negative connotations and fear, in our society. I don't guess it's just us; few societies around planet Earth can boast of being very comfortable with the idea or topic of death.

But no matter how it happened that we've become bogged down in distressed thinking about death, the fact is we are bogged down, and it makes the topic strained.

So it feels like there's never a good place to start talking. Any attempt I make to "take the curse off" the topic sounds like me being insensitive to the strong emotions death invokes in people.

Any other attempts I make sound like more human attempts to rationalize it all away. I only ask that everyone please be charitable and not think either of those things about what I'm going to say here.

And now, a list of the best things I ever heard or learned about dying and death. Death is the ultimate uniting factor in human life. Death is the true aspect of our human lives that makes us all "one", in a manner of speaking.

It's the one thing we truly and without debate have in common with everyone else alive, and with everyone who has ever lived. Death is considered a "separator" of people, but in reality, it unites people, perhaps like nothing else.

Death, considered this way, is the ultimate equalizer of human beings- the strong and the weak, the rich and the poor, the young and the old- everyone is held tightly bound by this common fate, this common experience that we all must undergo. Some people think this is an unnecessarily morbid observation, and they rightly ask "Why not use birth as the ultimate uniting factor? All must be born. But death affords us a fateful, shared transition that comes with a bonus birth didn't- the power to face it with a strong sense of lived experiences, whatever wisdom we've gained, and a deep humility which can only arise from seeing the whole timeline of a particular life.

Let the queen of Elfland and her sisters witness this work. Milia Achilia Sibylia. West Groaning powers of the fen mistlands Regret goes forth, down your many dead roads Where the sun sinks over the water dividing. Old Man, stern and weary boatman, Take these words to your Lord and his Lady. Old ruler under the mound, Undying King of the Dead, Hear these words; aid me and I will spill blood for you: Rouse the pale people to witness this work.

Let the spinning wheel of Fate clatter and turn, But never against me. Grey Women, I will spill blood for you. Keys of Sorcery Symbolic Actions and Vessels of Symbolism When working inside a Ring of Sorcery, you must always pay attention to The symbolism of your words and deeds, but also to the symbolism of what Objects you bring to bear on your working.

Remember that symbolic action Within the ring is the equivalent of actual events without it. All workings Of power contain strong symbolic links with the desired outcomes.

If your Works for the successful sexual union of a man and woman, the creation Of male poppet and female poppet, and their union on your Triangle Of Manifesting, amid a properly cast Ring, is of great effectiveness and a Good example.

The Power of the Word used Concisely and Repeatedly The spoken word is the center of Sorcery; the will of the witch or sorcerer Must be embodied in words. What you desire, what you would see come To pass, must be spoken clearly and concisely, and repeated many times as You work and as you finish the work. These words are instructions to the Powers who will respond to your working, such as your familiar spirits, Or who will be appointed by the Master to respond, if you are successful.

The spoken declaration that you make, the charge, must not be too many Words, nor too few. Each word of the charge must align with your will Perfectly; there is no room for ambiguity or compromise. The activity and Power of the Familiar There is no sorcery or Witchcraft without the power and secret activity of The Familiar spirit.

The Familiar can be those spirits appointed to you by The Master, or by the power of the netherworld, or the term can refer to Those same powers, even the Master himself.

Before you commit to acts Of sorcery or Witchery, you will need to be identified with a Familiar spirit Or with the Master , or other powers of the Netherworld that must aid you. Human beings are not the true sources of power that they embody or Manifest; they are vessels for powers invoked and influenced by will. No Incantation or conjury can go without calling upon the name of Familiar Spirits, or powers that will act in the capacity of a Familiar to you for Your work. The Master himself is Familiar to all works of Witchery, and can be called upon by all for any purpose.

The transfer Hand, Word, and Deed Whenyou work, as often as you can, do not allow your own hands to work Alone. Nor should you allow your words to be spoken only by you, nor Your deeds, be your deeds alone. Always appeal to the powers of Familiar Spirits or even to the Master or other great Power by transferring your Hands, words, and deeds to their own. It is not my hand that does this, The witch says as she shapes the clay that will be the body of poppet, but the hand of the Master.

This verbal declaration causes a transfer Of power, join your hands to the Master or to some Familiar, a true Invocation of their power through your mind and body. When making Conjuration, remember : It is not my tongue that makes this incantation, But the tongue of Master.

It is not my hands that do this deed, but The hands of that power Familiar to me. Thus is your power added to that of the Netherworld, and their power added to yours.

If you believe that your sorcery can work, if you are Emotionally invested in the outcome, and if your imagination is powerful Enough to inspire you and allow you to internally experience the expected Out come, as through it had already come to pass, you will have what you Need to make your Craft work for you. If you Are not emotionally involved, on some level, with the outcome, you will No normally achieve any effect. If you are unimaginative, and cannot be Inspired by such strange pursuits as these sorcerous works, you have no Hope of success.

When you are chanting incantations or invocations, you must feel the fire, Must feel alive and energetic for your work, fascinated by it, excited by it.

Robin Artisson

Above all you must believe in it. When you invoke yours Familiars, they will Bring as much power to you as are able to receive, and you can receive Only if you beliefe and are open to the possibility.All-Power Great and Darksome, The fatefull mystery of my self shimmers unseen In your trackless spirit. Our breath souls come from the Great Above, from the Master of Life "Life" here meaning "breath soul animation" and he "gets back" what part of him he gave at birth.

The Fates of life and death and the Fates of souls are really, in a sense, beyond our ordinary reach. The Zohar intimates, however, that though most of the giants yielded up their lives in the flood, many of their spirits partaking as they did of the angelic nature of their fathers, proved indestructible, and lived on, invisible yet powerful even in their disembodied state.

The World itself can be said to remember all things, but we individuals discard and lose memories with some regularity, both in this life, and beyond. I think about it often.

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