Cambridge University Press - Be My Guest Student's Book: English for the Hotel Industry Francis O'Hara Frontmatter More information Be My Guest. Be My Guest is a language course for pre and in-service students of English Harding K., Henderson P. High Season: English for Hotel and Tourist Industry. pdf. Be My Guest is a language course for in and pre-service students of Hotel English at O'Hara F. Be My Guest. English for the Hotel Industry. Student's Book. pdf.

Be My Guest English For The Hotel Industry Pdf

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3) Be My Guest - English for the Hotel Industry Student's Book + 2 Audio CDs. Francis O'Hara. Cambridge University Press. Hotel KB. Be My Guest Student's Book: English for the Hotel Industry Francis O'Hara. This fifteen-unit course deals with the many situations in which hotel employees meet . BE MY GUEST (ENGLISH for Hotel Industry) Cover and Contents - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online.

International; pages 19 and 34 www. Commissioned photographs by Gareth Boden on pages 12, 14, 39, 40 left , 60 and To the Directors and staff of the following hotels who have generously allowed me to use authentic material A special thank you to the staff at The Manor of Groves from their publications. Cover design by Dale Tomlinson.

There are tips understand, speak, read and write the English and exercises to help you remember what you you need.

O'Hara F. Be My Guest. English for the Hotel Industry. Student's Book

Its primary aim is to teach you to speak to and understand guests at the Speaking practice — here you bring all the work hotel where you work, in order to make their stay from the lesson together and you speak in pairs more comfortable and your job more enjoyable. Part A introduces the topic and Part B develops it. In each part there are five sections to help you practise speaking, listening, reading and writing, as follows: Presentation — this sets the scene and introduces a topic such as speaking on the phone, or suggesting places to visit in the region, etc.

Listening and pronunciation — this teaches you to understand guests and hotel employees as they make reservations, or explain a problem in the hotel, etc.

Language focus and practice — this practises the main language points of the unit, and is directly linked to the presentation and listening exercises. There is a lot of repetition Working in a hotel means repeating several phrases many times.

You might be repeating certain phrases all day. How will you be paying today?

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You will learn more as you speak to more people, and your English will grow naturally. Useful phrases: I hope you enjoyed your stay.

This is said when someone is leaving the hotel.

Please let me know if you need any assistance. Please tell me how I can help. Everything is in order.

BE MY GUEST (ENGLISH for Hotel Industry) Cover and Contents

All the information looks OK. I can show you to your room. How may I be of assistance today? You need something? Working in a hotel means using more polite language than you would in your everyday life. Everybody visiting the hotel is treated with the same high level of respect and formality. Useful phrases: How may I be of assistance? How can I help? Breakfast is complimentary.

Breakfast is free. Sorry, we have no free rooms. A large part of your job will be answering questions and requests In a casual environment, you might be asked to talk about your hobbies or other personal things. In a hotel environment, you will be asked about the hotel and the area around it.

BE MY GUEST (ENGLISH for Hotel Industry) Cover and Contents

In hotels, people make requests often. A great way to make sure you understand something is to repeat it back in your own words. Would you like me to call one for you?

We have a number of museums located nearby. Are you interested in anything in particular? Our exercise center is located on the second floor. It is free of charge, but you will need to present your room key at the entrance.

Part of knowing hotel English is knowing how to handle problems with courtesy While most of your job should be pleasant, once in a while there are problems and mix-ups. When this happens, you will need to keep cool and polite.

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You will need to resolve problems with a smile. There is proper language to use when you want to keep a situation under control.

Will you accept a voucher for a free meal at our restaurant by way of apology? I understand that you wanted to use the business center, but it is closed for the day. Would you be willing to use a vacant suite as an alternative?

I will be happy to let you speak to my manager. Please take a seat and I will get in contact with her. Overall, though, hotel English is very simple! This means many different levels of English will be spoken, and you will need to be understood by everyone.

As long as you are polite and clear with your speech, you will do great! How to learn hotel English Taking a regular English course is a good way to prepare for the hotel industry.

But here are a few ways you can focus on hotel English: Online hotel English courses. There are many places online where you can take courses, sometimes even for free.

Some of these places have hotel English courses, specifically for people who are interested in becoming employees in a hotel. The online course website Alison, for example, has an English for Tourism course.

This course can help you learn the English you would need to work at a hotel front desk. English Central also has an online course , as do many other online course websites. Courses at the hotel. Many hotels have ESL programs, and will actually make English lessons available for their staff. It might be part of your training, or you may need to ask for it. Similar jobs.Switch to English sign up.

Book Description Cambridge University Press. Take turns playing the roles of the hotel visitors and the positions around the hotel.

Written by an author who has considerable experience of teaching this kind of student in Tri Nguyen. FluentU helps you learn fast with useful questions and multiple examples.

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