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حصريا تحميل كتاب vince delmonte no nonsense muscle building مجاناً PDF اونلاين r n nSkinny Guy Secrets To nInsane Muscle Gain nNO NONSENSE . tell your doctor about any unusual or bothersome side effect vince delmonte no nonsense muscle building pdf believe that a medication has the potential to. no nonsense muscle building download the same witness who testified before lunch is still on the stand undergoing cross examination no nonsense muscle.

The metabolic calculator will make it easy for you to determine which of the meal plans that. However, these factors should not be used as a lame excuse for a lack of commitment and effort that you need to put in to muscle building. No nonesense muscle creating program also known as vince delmonte health is among the leading muscle growth packages on earth today. So it is time for another review this week and after doing some research online, i stumbled upon jeff mastersons muscle building program called weight gain blueprint.

Burning fat and building muscle takes hard work, the right exercises, the right strategy, determination, motivation, and persistence. Are you serious and you are not really happy with the way you are. There is certainly no special gear to download as well as the program emphasizes the importance of staying natural and avoiding any kinds of steroids.

I developed 4 weeks of special bodyweight training that delivers you safe, challenging and exciting workouts in just 30 minutes a day. Upgraded meal plans, that focus on economical eating - showing you how to eat to build strong muscles when you are eating on a budget.

This results in either shortening of certain muscles or weakening of certain muscles. About no nonsense fat melting system. They do not know how to make the muscle work and fatigue. No-nonsense muscle building by vince del monte. Vince has designed the exact meal plans with different calorie levels so that you have no excuses left.

A great chunk of the complete system is designed as a textual manual you have to read and comprehend. There seems to be little consensus between the lower and upper class health care and deserves is not working.

Well, yes - calories do matter - but it's much more complicated than just calories because of factors such as within-day energy balance, hormonal response and "energy partitioning.


Jen ferruggia's bikini body workouts is a popular program for women who want to lose weight and get their bodies ready for the beach. Diet plans that reduce the calorie intake. Building muscle does not necessarily mean that you will appear ripped.

Can i do these workouts at home. Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, get toned, or just build raw muscle, the no nonsense muscle building system is for you.

The stress must be short and infrequent. You or is an idiot. He now shares this information with anybody who is serious about building muscle — especially skinny guys who can't gain muscle weight. If you are one of the many that are looking to lose some weight then toning up your muscles and no nonsense body building is one of the healthiest ways that you could go.

Everything you need to know about training frequency, amount of repetitions, amount of sets, repetition speed, how heavy weight to use, etc….

He shares them with you in his muscle building program after thoroughly researching them and training both himself and his many personal clients with them.

One such product he asks muscle builders to stay away from is nitric oxide used by bodybuilders to pump workouts. Thanks so much you guys for these books. He was so skinny growing up, he earned the nickname skinny vinny. This forced me to hit the gym. To transform your appearance and change your life.

For those who consider them self an sophisticated trainer then consider this a as soon as in a lifetime opportunity. The no nonsense muscle building program is both a dietary and workout program, an all in one system put together to ensure that you accumulate that much coveted muscle mass within a 29 week period.

Vince del monte is the first-place winner in the canada fitness model championships. With this being said, your first three months need to be the same, in order to create that strong foundation. Instead, the fitness program is a comprehensive assault on all of the components associated with serious strength training and body building.

It introduces the detailed diet plans and the diet tips. If you use the advice you find in these types of magazines all you will see is weight gain and virtually no difference to you for all your efforts. Without further ado, let's get into the specific exercises for each body part. No nonsense muscle building: No other training utilizes these unique and powerful techniques to boost growth. Moderate rest: The beginner-intermediate week step-by-step intensive workout program.

Objectives of vince's no nonsense muscle. Strengthening of the chest muscles is thus one of the essential steps that an ectomorph can take towards gaining the bulk. However, you will learn much more and with much greater detail. To perform a backup, all you need to do is add a job definition which consists of selecting the server to save, connecting to it and choosing the destination path for the archive.

And to prove it to you i am offering you a no questions asked, money-back guarantee. Does no nonsense muscle building really work. Interested in building no nonsense muscles, are. Overall, there is no doubt that the no nonsense muscle building program by vince delmonte is the most popular muscle building program online for a good reason.

It can last up to 3 weeks, but even just 1 is enough before starting. There are so many baseless books that offer some muscle building programs that you can get on the internet. You should not begin our programs if you have a physical condition that makes intense exercise dangerous. Now let's take a look at the different types of over-training, and what we can do to prevent it. The nutrition module: It helps skinny people overcome their genetic challenges and gain pounds of muscle.

Most people can't go at it for an hour like i do, so they need a fire or a personal trainer or a workout buddy. At my house, we listen to both kinds of music: You need to impose stress on the body in a way that it is not used. And in my opinion this is what weight training should be about.

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If you would like to download full pdf file, it is far better going to the no nonsense muscle building official website below link will direct you to the official site so that you are certainly not a victim of any scammers.

These are generally not covered throughout the insurance policy of your own, so that the costs of repair, replacement and care would fall on your shoulders because a home owner. He calls things as he sees them. Com kb, ebook vince delmonte no nonsense muscle building skinny guy secrets to insane muscle gain pdf hosted on 4shared.

No nonsense muscle building is the program that reveals these truths and other inconsistencies in fitness magazines. Vince delmonte's no nonsense muscle building, in addition to his other publications, can give you that well-deserved boost that will propel you to success.

No nonsense muscle building pdf book free download. Is there anyway i can download it. Give you anatomy, physiology or biomechanics lessons. Tors that need to be addressed and they are:. This could be the instantly downloadable page body sculpting manual.

By doing so you will allow your body to recover and rebuild the muscles that are worked out and your ability to build muscle mass will be increased. Vince del monte is a renowned name for nutrition and fitness readers and experts. Skinny guy's workout guide to getting bigger. The training layout is split in different stages and up to 18 weeks, and it is flexible enough to be adjusted to beginners, intermediate and advanced.

These books aim at making your muscles huge and symmetrical but they do not do it in a healthy way and their methods will not give lasting value or better health.

This chapter is very well written and gets a thumbs up from me due to its simplicity and honesty. How to avoid the biggest mistakes when going to the gym. Their abundance of excessive training can lead to failures at the root of most of the students, and he made it clear in his plan with a chapter with a reference to the last 20 most common mistakes made by gyms.

The test was conducted on a random group of people. Take care and speak soon. This is surprising for most winners do not understand, but working less is the solution to gain more muscle.

Most women who are dieting try to avoid a protein supplement, which is the opposite of what you should do if you are trying to build muscle.

Vince uses the following phases:. No nonsense muscle building first impression. Hormones possess a important part in terms of right body building. Just click here and tell me where to send it:. Use exercises since squats, deadlifts, lunges, pushes and pulls all in a single session. The course encompasses everything related to building muscles, right from nutrition to working out.

Phase one- foundations and how to lay them. As you have likely found, this is an unpleasant approach to begin a day. And fast target, and your diet a hard and fast path to hitting that target. The workout name, mi40x, means mass intelligence, the number 40 relates to; workout days, length of sets, rest intervals and the x is for extreme.

Chicken, wild caught fish, cage free eggs and chemical free, grass fed protein powder. Let's examine five of the most common problems with bicep training before i offer a step-by-step program to take your bicep peak to new heights. I have received many questions via my contact form about what bodybuilding program is the best.

Type a fast-twitch muscle fibers. There is an overwhelming amount of information included in this ebook. Flavia delmonte is now a qualified personal training, has 2 degrees in nutrition and completed the precision nutrition certification, which is part of the high performance physiology master degree program.

A prosperous candidate also needs to most probably to alter as one of the key points of this program is that virtually all exercise and diet plans currently being taught today are ineffective.

Recovery is important after the stress. No nonsense muscle building 2 0 pdf book free download review nnmb 2. Several websites will try to draw you in by claiming you will get no nonsense muscle building pdf download free or even just totally free torrent that could be a scam fake. No-nonsense muscle building review — what i like. Skinny guy saviour has gained a reputation in the fitness and muscle building industry as a result of dedicating his life to helping skinny, scrawny and wimpy guys and girls to transforming their bodies to being healthier, fitter more confident looking.

In mind that you need to force the body to do more over the course of time. The power of the program is found in the principle of prioritization by sequence on the first pull workout. Some times and find out if it really does work. Personal trainers make their money by having you download as many sessions as possible, but with a training program like vince created, he gives you the instructions, the exercises, the meal plans, everything you need to succeed.

I simply used different tools to take my muscles beyond the previous week's intensity. The topic of rest intervals is a perfect illustration of the need to be flexible and rigid at the same time.

Start with 20 shoulder dislocations with a band or broomstick followed by 20 scap pushups. Center membership or a set of free weights if. Overcome the physical and psychological obstacles of gaining muscles.

More neurologically efficient and is able to recruit more muscle fibers, which is more draining. There will be a massive increase in layoffs and other budget saving measures in an attempt to cope with what is to come. Reading is ok here as long as it is not something that gets your mind over stimulated; fiction. If you want the shortest, fastest, straightest path to muscle building and fat burning success, you need a guide. Of the past 15 years, vince has refined his methods.

Were you afraid that it would be confusing or hard to read. Which package should i choose. This means its implementation must be dedicated and meticulous, with a 6 day a week workouts and a rest day regimen. The muscle fiber switch trick. Are going to get small and weak. The program contains some unnecessary information which could have been removed to reduce the number of pages. Good muscle building programs out there, but not many.

Starting it right is very important and many fitness programs lack this quality. Have designed the workouts to ensure against it. Mone and repairs the damage that has been done to your muscles during intense workouts.

I was the annoying person, that embarrassed the rest of the table, at the restaurant because it took me 15 minutes to put in an order. And that is exactly what this system does, so get your copy now and take action.

If you are not engaged in the correct workout regimen, then, you can be certain that changes in your body are a thing that you are not going to realize. I had no native talent or athletic skills. It is still to be done to failure and your weak side is to be done first to help with muscle weaknesses and imbalances.

And despite everything i said above homeosta-. The no-nonsense muscle building program, the name given to vince delmonte's fitness approach, explains how to stimulate the body's muscle building hormones naturally.

It includes an day meal plan that can be adjusted according to your caloric needs. Important note: I downloadd the books, and i absolutely love them. Is the no nonsense muscle building program by vince delmonte a scam. But according to various researches the amount that a normal complete beginner can gain in one year of serious weight training the amount usually ranges between pounds of lean muscle.

At least that would actually reduce momentum and apply. Finally a kettlebell program that targets those.

No Nonsense Muscle Building eBook Review: PDF Free Download

Your entire goal is to not allow any oxygen into the muscle which creates a spike with your anabolic hormones to promote muscle growth. Fat burning workouts work differently and would not be of any use to a person who wants to build muscles.

You must make this a priority in your life in order to achieve the best possible results. Strings, hip flexors, glutes, piriformis and calves if you need to. You're going to get nine healthy diet plans, 80 four weeks just about every, including twelve hundred to be able. You'll incorporate traditional moves like the front squat and bench press, as well as a few variations like tabata-style battle ropes and incline dumbbell rows to develop lasting muscle throughout your entire body.

What you will see are people who are no where near advanced assuming that either a they are advanced, or b advanced stuff always works better than non-advanced stuff. Taking the protein thing a step farther, matthews even advises when to eat what type of protein. However, if they shift their focus for a while to a lower. Vince delmonte designed this program to help hard gainers develop ripped physiques. Won't have the effect you want, either. Can this kind of thing work.

Living large: Again, begin each workout a little heavier than you did the last one and rest between 60 and 90 seconds between each set. Muscle building books often tend to ignore the effect of hormones in muscle formation but the book "no nonsense muscle building" highlights the role of testosterone in the process of muscle building. After busting your butt with no-nonsense fat loss 2.

Vince delmonte, like most of us, had no genetic advantage when he started bodybuilding. This is one of the few programs that has received a perfect review by nearly all the world renowned bodybuilding experts. Also, my current boss, murray middelmost would have the second greatest contribution to my knowledge and redefined the word 'intensity' for me. If you are not getting results from your current exercise program, bored with visiting the gym, or just short on time then.

The program also include an exercise simulator that will help you perform the exercises correctly and also help in preventing any injury.

It is also possible to be physically fit and have a few extra pounds hanging around. The metabolic growth calculator for calculating your caloric needs in seconds.

Gironda, reg park, ed coan, bill kazmaier, kirk kawoski, dorian yates, louie simmons,. No nonsense muscle building about ten years ago. His meal plans were surprisingly very simple to follow and the meals are actually quite tasty. Ipod version of no nonsense muscle building in as an mp3 audio guide available for listening to at any time.

You'll learn what you can do to fight back and easily build that body you've always wanted… especially if you weren't born with muscle-friendly genes. The internet is flooded with no nonsense muscle building reviews, which itself is an evidence of the popularity of this workout program.

No nonsense muscle building review - how can it benefit you. Even a complete weight lifting newbie can quickly start using this program and develop muscle mass and strength easily and fast.

Of course, it is only imperative that in order to have an obvious lean muscle physique, the fats have to be greatly cut. Are you sick and tired of being called silly nicknames? Are you tired of being weak? Do you just feel discon- tent with your level of fitness or energy? Do you want to look good for the opposite sex? Do you want to impress others and demand respect?

Page 6 of All rights reserved. It seems that life camouflag- es the answers in such a way that they only become visible to those who are inspired enough to look for them — who also have driving reasons to look for them.

I am sure you would agree because this example could relate to you. You knew that you wanted to transform your body and went on a mission to find success. These reasons are your lifelines; they will keep your focus aligned on your target. This phrase has enough power to sabotage your potential for a muscular physique before you even begin reading this book.

Page 7 of All rights reserved. This term is a great disguise for skinny guys who never reach their true genetic potential. Consider this. By simply being aware of the words you use, you can self-detect your self-perceptions. By changing your words, you can begin to change your self-perceptions - if you choose.

Do you truly think that you can casually or unintentionally become ripped and muscular? NO WAY! Of course not! Every trip to the gym, every set, every meal, every shake you gulp down will be snuffed out because the beliefs in your mind have sen- tenced you to a life of smallness. Page 8 of All rights reserved. Focus on being big and mus- cular and this will direct your mind and actions to the things you must do to become just that.

If you focus on being successful you will be and you are already one step closer to becoming the person you really want to be! Your brain is designed to protect your body. Your body does not like change. It actually FEARS change and will do everything in its power to prevent your body from experiencing something different - whether it is creating a new habit or forming a new lifestyle. The thoughts and words that you use will dictate the actions that you will take.

Do you know what the two most dangerous words in the English language are? I Know! What is your immediate response when I say: I know. And once more - I know. Do you know why this is your immediate response? Your body is smarter than you think and can detect potential for change. Your body does not want to go through an extensive training program or a bulk up phase or adapt to a new lifestyle. I am here to convince you otherwise. I think you get the point.

Page 9 of All rights reserved. The reason I stress this so much is because you must adjust your mind-set to what you are about to take in. I strongly ask you to remember this when you stumble across a section in this book where something might sound redundant. Avoid these two deadly words and you will be more mentally prepared to do what you must DO to succeed.

The word tomorrow is the word that destroys more lives than any other single word. It is not promised and it is not guaranteed.

Tomorrow only exists in the minds of dreamers and procrastinators. Of all the things I learned from my father, as a Pastor, I see him as my Spiritual Personal Trainer in my early days as a teenager, it was that goal setting would have the most profound effect on my life. Every aspect of my existence — my ath- letic accomplishments, my income, my relationships, my spiritual life and my level.

Page 10 of All rights reserved. Each year my father would have me and my two brothers write out our goals for the upcoming year. This leads me to include an entire section of this book discussing this often misunderstood process. Outcome is often controlled by others. An athlete may have an outstanding performance and not win a contest because other athletes have per- formed even better.

Conversely, an athlete may perform poorly and still win if all the other athletes per- formed at a lower level. However, the ath- lete has even greater control of achieving a goal if the goal is to run using the correct form and driving the knees through the entire race.

However, you can control the habits that are required to lose fat and build more muscle. You DO have control over the habits that will allow you to build more muscle and lose more fat. You can control how many meals you eat each day and the amount, how heavy you lift, what kind of foods you eat, how much sleep you get, how intense you train, what time you wake up, how many times a week you go the gym, and how you spend your social life.

You see the difference? Page 11 of All rights reserved. Your commitment is the vehicle that will drive you forward. What are you truly committed to right now? What takes up most of your time, energy and attention? Be- hind these answers lie your commitments. Mandates change, interests change, circumstanc- es change and priorities change. What you are doing today for a certain result may not be enough for tomorrow. Each day your commitment will be challenged.

What keeps you committed? When you are struggling to be truly committed, this is a good time to review the rea- sons for your goals. As you read on, I will need you to record on a piece of paper the habits in your life that will be required to change so that you build more muscle and lose more fat.

Also read: NP5011 PDF

These will be your SET goals! Often I see clients involved with their goals but they are not committed to their goals. What is the difference? There is a big difference - the kind of difference that sepa- rates day from night, fat from slim, scrawny from brawny, and success from failure.

You can be involved in church but not be a true Christian; you can be involved in a relationship but not really be there; you can be involved in a fitness program but not be truly committed. Is this you? My goal is not to question your commitment but to guide you in discovering why you may have not succeeded in the past, and what you need to do differently in order to achieve a bet- ter body this time around.

Re-evaluate your priorities. Are you prepared to invest the optimal amount of time, attention and energy to get what you want or are you just hoping this program will work for you?

When was the last time you hoped for something and it happened? Probably never, right! Before you read on, ask yourself if there is any circumstance that could prevent you from achieving your goals and begin planning how you will RESPOND if and when that circumstance arises. Better yet, mentally commit right now that you will not allow anything to prevent you from breaking your commitment!

Page 12 of All rights reserved. Habits are basically like automatic behaviors. I will be the first to admit that break- ing bad habits and forming new habits is not easy at all. If it were, you would have no financial problems, perfect relationships, a healthy body and you would be rocking this world! When we continue to make choices that lead to the same dead end, we are in the midst of a sick cycle. Creating new habits to transform your body into a Greek-God or a Greek-Goddess is not easy and will require you to assess which habits in your life need to be destroyed.

But you probably already know what habits are destroying your progress. Knowing what to do is not enough. Visualize your hands clasped together, finger-over-finger, and tied together with tight string.

This picture represents bondage to a bad habit. Every time you resist a bad habit, one of these strings will come undone — this represents resisting your bad habit once.

Since you have only removed one string the bad habit is still present. However, as you continue to resist and resist, another string, and another, and another will fall off your hands and. Page 13 of All rights reserved. This anal- ogy works in reverse as well. Every time you reinforce a bad habit, a new string binds tighter around your hands and it will become harder and will require more time to remove all the strings tying your hands together.

Rather than simply deciding to stop eating junk food, replace this behavior with a better one, such as deciding what groceries you will shop for.

Skinny Guy Secrets To

Instead of saying you will start eating every hours, plan a time on Sunday where you will cook all your meals in advance. Instead of saying you will train more intensely, hire a Personal Trainer or find a workout partner. Instead of say- ing you will wake up earlier, go to bed earlier. This might be common sense but it requires some hard decisions. When I had to prepare for a Fitness Model competition, I had to eliminate a huge com- ponent of my social life, which included turning down invitations to the local bar and poker nights with the boys.

I knew I was weak at the time to resist certain foods and drinks that would be present and impede my progress. Did I get kidded by my buddies? Sure did.

Did they understand? Probably not. Was it worth it? You bet! The instant you make a deadline with a goal - something will shift inside your mind. The clock will start ticking and it will force you to focus.

Page 14 of All rights reserved. Goals without deadlines are far less empowering, motivating and powerful compared to goals with deadlines. What goals do you have that do not have deadlines? You probably want to build some muscle or lose some fat when the time is right.

However, these are just goals without deadlines. Once you have a deadline, all sorts of things will start to happen that would not have happened otherwise. Big goals require incremental sacrifice. They require daily attention. And in my opinion, they are accomplished because of these deadlines.

Set a deadline to have this e-book read. Better yet, set a deadline to read each individual chapter. Do you want to build 5 pounds of muscle? Set a deadline. Do you want to compete? Pick a show and regis- ter today. Do you want to gain 50 pounds of muscle? But a goal without a deadline is like a story without a point.

Choose your next goal and set a deadline today. How will the final product look — if a final product is even achieved? These details must be pre-planned before you even go to the gym! Yes, this is a true plan. How much easier will it be to maintain your focus every time you arrive at the gym?

Having a plan to follow leads to one simple task — work it and execute it! This applies to your nutrition plan as well. You must know what foods you will eat, in which amounts, and at what times. Once you have created your plan, again, this leads to one simple task — work it and execute it! The programs I have designed for you are essentially your blueprints — they are very powerful training and nutrition tools. Page 15 of All rights reserved.

Having a plan is a start but this next rule will take it one step further. By writing your goals and writing out your plan, it will help you visualize the future and it will raise your level of commitment. No wonder there are so few people who are living dissatisfied and far from their genetic potential. Writing down your goals and plan is your road map to success and will set the ball in motion. The main reason I need you write down your goals and plan is that it cre- ates a set of instructions for your subconscious mind to carry out.

Your subconscious. It cannot decipher between right and wrong and it does not judge. Its primary function is to carry out its instructions. Not only should you write down your goals and plan but you must write them down in complete detail. Again, the goal is to give your subconscious mind a detailed set of instructions to work on. The more information you feed it, the clearer the final out- come becomes.

In addition, write your goals and your plan in present tense.

DOWN weight by next month. Writing it down is a critical step to making your goals and plan real. Putting it in writing breathes life into it making it an unstoppable force!

Tracking your progress is mandatory. This is like professional sports teams competing without keeping score. Or like runners and swimmers working out without a stop- watch. How do you expect to get better? Feel free to continue working out - just do not expect significant gains. Whether or not you download a formal training log or simply download a mini notebook, here is a list of things you should keep track of:.

Page 16 of All rights reserved. No wonder everyone is so confused and lost when it comes to finding good information. I believe that your level of success is completely related to the amount of information that you have on that particular topic. I assume you would agree or else you would not be reading my manual right now!

So I applaud you for recognizing the benefit of seeking out information and solutions to your prob- lems. Realize that weight loss alone is a billion dollar a year industry.

With this kind of money at stake, there are thousands of hungry marketers out there who will tell you anything — and try to sell you anything — that will deepen their pockets. On top of that, if you do a Google search on fitness you will find ,, results!

And search weight loss and 66,, results come up! This should instantly tell you that there is no shortage of information. The problem is that there is too much information flooding TV infomer-. Page 17 of All rights reserved.

And just because an industry professional such as a dietitian, research scientist, MD, Ph. So how do you discover if you are reading the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? I had to question a lot of the information out there too. This leads me to my next point!

This point applies to the above as well as your ability to make training decisions that no guru, expert, magazine, forum, best-selling book and not even I, can answer. All through modern history, from the church, government and science, we have been told how to think. I am often asked by my private clients after they invest a few thousand dollars into a one-on-one service what I think about certain matters with re- gards to muscle building or fat loss. I have discovered that they have been taught not to think, rather to be told, and to bow down to the fancy letters behind my name that I was awarded through the approved educational courses.

I believe our early educational system has de-conditioned and reduced our ability to think for ourselves. This influence affects our training together as my clients appear unworthy of forming an opinion of their own because it may not be right. One of my personal goals as a Fitness Trainer is to empower and teach my clients that they hold the answers to their training questions. Page 18 of All rights reserved. Science is simply a theory intended to provide objec- tive analysis.

Objectivity is lost during experimentation when the research conclusions are influ- enced by the researcher. If you look at transforming your body as more of an art rather than a science, you must learn to master your gut instincts. If you believe it is more of a science rather than an art, you will have to find comfort in your academic textbook answers.

If you see it as science, expect test tube results. I learned this philosophy from the Australian strength coach Ian King. It goes some- thing like this: You will continue to get the same thing if you continue doing the same thing.

You will not get a different result unless you become a different person by habit and action. This philosophy has seriously impacted me — everything you have in life is exactly what you deserve to have and everything you want to have.

You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.

Page 19 of All rights reserved. It is a very clear and ac- curate portrayal of the difference between taking responsibility described as play- ing above the line , and avoiding responsibility playing below the line.

Which line do you play in? It is much easier to play below the line, especially when our society reinforces this attitude. One of my goals in writing this book is to help you focus on reaching your full poten- tial with regards to your physical being although these principles apply to your intellectual, relational and spiritual life too.

Do you think that the best way to fulfill your potential is by blaming someone else? Does this way of living allow you to reach your full po- tential? This is a guaranteed way of allowing short term relief but the downside is that it leads to a long term spiral downward of never gaining control of your life and not truly reaching your potential. Page 20 of All rights reserved.

The famous King David of the Bible speaks about this issue in Proverbs This does not mean sharing your goals with the world but it does mean committing to a trusted friend — perhaps your training partner, your personal trainer, or a close friend of the same sex — what you plan on accomplishing, and allowing them to ask you the hard questions once a week.

Give your accountability partner permission to be hard on you. Nobody wants to appear apathetic, uncommitted and half-hearted towards their goals. This is why being accountable to a journal or a diary will not cut it. How will the piece of paper hold you accountable? There is no consequence to your action. Hold yourself accountable to someone you admire, who will not be easy on you and someone you do not want to disappoint. This might sound extreme and against the norm of society but if you want to look like the rest of society then live how the rest of society but if you want to look like the rest of society then live how the rest of society lives, without accepting the conse- quences of their actions or keeping commitments.

As iron sharpens iron, a flame starts to burn, and as that flame burns it becomes so hot that the fire becomes an unstoppable force. Accountability is not designed as a guilt trip but as a tool to strengthen and reinforce your commitments to another hu- man being.

I promise you that you will gain inner strength and life from this activity and your commitments will burn hot and turn to hard, iron steal! Page 21 of All rights reserved. And this is not completely your fault. Just spend a few hours on the Internet or flip- ping through the pages of a bodybuilding magazine and you will view an assembly of workout routines in just one magazine. This leads the reader to believe there is no one way of training and variety is the key — however this is a misconception that can roadblock your success!

Think about it - your muscle has a specific personality and identity. A muscle is a muscle, it is not fat, it is not bone, it does not have feeling or emotions and it does not have a brain. Muscles will respond to a certain stimulus — without negotiation or bargain - no matter what condition.

In fact, I will be bold enough to say that muscle — in most circumstances — will grow even in the harshest of conditions based on some universal principles that we will dive into shortly. Building muscle and getting lean and ripped has been complicated by the commercialized fitness industry, nutrition industry and supplementation industry — all driven for the sake of the almighty dollar.

Page 22 of All rights reserved. Chapter 2: The Top 12 Muscle Building Myths. You will be more successful taking your fitness to the next level by mastering the training techniques, recovery techniques and nutrition habits that I share in this book. Pick up any bodybuilding magazine nearby and I promise you that the only thing those supplement advertisements will deliver is a lighter wallet. Powders are nothing more than crushed up food and are loaded with artificial flavoring, preservatives, and lots of chemicals.

Dumping chemicals, artificial colors, flavoring, sugars, sweeteners, and preservatives into your body basically turns your insides into a toxic waste dump! And did you know that this toxic waste loves to attach itself to your fat stores, making it even hard- er to get rid of body fat? You can imagine how much harder it will be to build massive muscle in a toxic environment.

What goes in must come out! Put garbage in and garbage will come out in the form of de- creased energy, slow recovery, poor appetite, poor sleep, and poor attitude — all elements critical for muscle building. When was the last time an athlete won, or a medal was won, or a team won on pills, powders and shakes? Nutritional supplements — not even food — will stimulate muscle growth.

But exercise does. Page 23 of All rights reserved. The fact is that your muscles will only get bigger and stronger as a result of applying the most fundamental muscle building principle in this book — progressive over- load. Low intensity training contradicts the most fundamental training principles required for building muscle.

In simple terms — you must subject your muscles to an unaccustomed stress. When a muscle is subjected to a degree of unaccustomed stress and effort, to the point of avoiding injury muscle adapts to the added stress by growing larger. A simple principle by definition, but the term has been abused, taken out of context and very poorly executed.

Remember that your muscles will only enlarge if you give them sufficient reason to.

Many magazines say that progressive overload is as simple as doing more sets, more reps and more weight. Misapplying this concept is where most people completely screw up the cornerstone of muscle building. If doing more sets was the answer, then high volume workouts, found in bodybuilding magazines, would be the key, and you would probably already be massive and ripped.

Doing more reps is definitely not the answer, because every lady who lifted their pink colored weights with high reps would be muscular. And simply lifting more weight is not the answer because I know guys who can lift a lot of weight a few times and they are not the biggest guys.

We will discuss this in greater detail later. How will your muscles grow if you reduce the overload for a low intensity phase? No new muscle can be built because there is no overload. Page 24 of All rights reserved. Intensity is the least forgiving of the three main training variables —. This means that if intensity is decreased for a period of time, strength and muscle mass gains will deteriorate very rapidly. Decreasing the frequency and duration more often has a positive response have the smallest negative impact to your muscle gains, compared to the disastrous consequence of dropping your intensity.

The bottom line is that bad genetics is an excuse for the lazy. Rarely are genetics the problem — most of the time the problem is YOU! However, if you truly are genetically cursed, you will ALWAYS have to work a little harder to keep up to par but I believe you will be quite surprised with the results you attain using my program.

I would like to make this very clear though Skinny Guy! By training smarter, you can overcome most obstacles and conceal your shortcomings. Again, the cornerstone of muscle growth is progressive intensity. Long story short — you must give your muscles a reason to grow. If you do not then they will simply. Page 25 of All rights reserved. Most trainees have heard this message but fail to add the second part of the equation — recovery. Taking drugs will cure this problem because you will be able to train more often and recover quicker — but WHY?

Would you rather not just take more rest days to ensure recovery? Yes, taking drugs such as steroids, growth hormones, and thyroid drugs will help you get that superhuman and ripped physique but at the expense of health risks like cancer, infertility, heart disease and degenerative diseases not to men- tion horrible skin, pimples, acne, impotence, hair loss and raisin nuts! The reality is that steroids increase your hormone production above normal levels, they allow you to be sloppy with your recovery, they allow you to be sloppy with your diet and they allow you to train carelessly and still make significant gains.

I do not mean to moralize but you have two ways to look at it when deciding where you will stand: Your friends and peers will automatically discredit all your gains because they will contribute it to the juice. Are you prepared for this consequence? Just think about it.

If he is not, than you brush him away with your hand and give him no credit at all for his physique. Do you want guys to discredit your gains for giving into curios- ity? Alternatively, you can go through your entire life and always be curious about the gains you could have made with steroids but you can take pride in saying that every ounce of muscle you own was done naturally through your own true commitment, hard work, smart training and nutrition program — not from straying to the dark side.

After a year or two of training, the intensity required to overload becomes much greater than the intensity required in the first few months of weight lifting. Most guys are not capable of duplicating the intensity re- quired to overload the muscle naturally. I believe this is because trainees do not take enough time between their workouts to actually create NEW muscle that will allow a future opportunity for overload. More advanced individuals must not necessarily work out harder, but they must work out smarter.

Page 26 of All rights reserved. Progress occurs during recovery, or between workouts. If the body has not fully recovered and you return to the gym not fully recovered then it is lit- erally impossible to overload your muscles again.

Over-training is probably the most common mistake of weight trainees of any level and becomes even more critical after a few years of training when results can slow. This one cracks me up, and again, I wish it was as easy as painting a picture.

Who ever thought it was possible to shape, define or sculpt a muscle? Your muscles have an origin and insertion point, influenced by your genetics, and these factors will determine how a muscle is shaped. Toned and defined muscles are simply a reflection of the amount of body fat surrounding the muscle. There is no such thing as toning a fat arm. You either get rid of the fat and make it more defined or you build muscle and make it bigger.

Your body can only do one of four things — gain or lose fat and gain or lose muscle. This is important to clarify be- fore you set your goals. The shape of your muscle is determined by your genetic makeup. This is true of any muscle. Your muscles do not have multiple personality traits — they are either growing, shrinking or staying the same.

If you want your muscle to grow then expose it to progressive overload. If you are content with the size of your muscles right now this is easy — just keep do- ing what you are doing.

And to make the muscle smaller - this is even easier — just avoid it and do not train it. Page 27 of All rights reserved.

Muscle cuts are a reflection of two features on the body: So, if you want to build massive muscles get ready to apply the fundamental principle of progressive overload. And if you wish to get cut and ripped be prepared to drop your body fat levels into the single digits.

Light weights do not build muscle - period. And if you see someone with the goal to get bigger and they are a cardio junkie — grab their hand, while they are kicking and screaming, and lead them to the heavy weights department. Now you know that lowering your body fat is for cutting and heavy weights are for building mass. Splitting up a routine is presented like gospel, and in my lifetime never questioned as the way to structure a muscle building routine.

And sure, splitting up a routine is fine and has some benefits BUT it is also the fastest way to over-train and burn out. Remember that you do not get stronger in the gym — you get stronger and bigger when you go home, rest, sleep, eat and are FULLY recovered. Do not neglect the fact that you are taxing and depleting your central nervous system, hormonal system, and immune system — systems that in fact take longer than your muscles do to recover. Many scientific studies demonstrate one set is almost as effective as multiple sets, if not just as effective in strength and muscle hypertrophy.

A few maverick fitness au-. Page 28 of All rights reserved. Author Jones, the founder of Nautilus and MedX weight training equipment, was one of the early pioneers of single set training.

In the s, Casey Viator, the youngest Mr. America and Mr. Olympia contestant, and Mike Mentzer, Mr. Universe and Mr. Olym- pia contestant, promoted the high intense, low volume training. More recently, Dorian Yates, several time Mr.

Olympia, reportedly performed only a warm-up set and one or occasionally two workout sets throughout his off-season training. Higher duration and more frequent sessions are critical if your goals are muscular endurance, fat loss and cardiovascular training.

Duration, frequency and intensity are all inversely related, which means that if dura- tion is long then intensity will be low. If frequency is regular then intensity will also be lower. As you can see, multiple sets workouts more than sets per muscle total and frequent training sessions training two days in a row for a hard gainer is suicidal contradict the most critical variable of muscle building — intensity! Ironically, bodybuilding magazines cre- ate these ridiculously long and arduous sessions, which make hard training impossible.

This has got to be one of the dumbest and most unintelligent statements ever made no hard feelings because I used to think like this too.

No Nonsense Muscle Building - Men

Interestingly, the people who used to give me this advice must have been shocking or tricking their muscles the wrong way because they had no muscle mass on their bodies to back up that statement! Believe this and you will never see any muscular gains to your body. If you think about this myth long enough you might start to laugh. Do you think you can really change your exercises and training routine to surprise your body and get a different reaction out of them?

Your muscles do not have outside eyes that reward you with new muscle growth if you confuse them. You can be lifting bags of sand or dead lifting pounds and the action on your back is the same — your knees bend and your trunk flexes. So where is the shock? Page 29 of All rights reserved. Or maybe you can switch up the order of your routine by hitting a weak body part twice in the week. If you only train your arms once in the week and than strategically throw arms in twice then they will be confused and shocked into growing.

Your muscles operate on laws of science, not on laws of trickery. Remember your muscles are not shocked by change in exercise. They are designed to tolerate it. Growing up as a long distance runner I often stood by and watched the sprinters com- pete - who astonished me with their tremendous quadriceps and hamstring muscles. Yet I never remember watching the sprinter on my track team train until failure nor do I recall them ever sprinting through the finish line and collapsing.

I never saw these sprinters train to failure. Yet they demonstrated a greater amount of mus- cular work in less time each time they practiced and raced. I will never forget the phenomenal muscularity of the construction workers I used to work with when I laid bricks and framed houses. Yet I never recall them carrying tim- ber around the yard until they could not pick up one more piece.

Nor do I remember the bricklayers moving the bricks around until they could not pick up one more. Both of these groups had incredible muscularity and were able to stimulate muscle growth without going to failure. If you want to improve your ability to hold your breath under water, you. Page 30 of All rights reserved. Similarly, when lifting weights your body will adapt to the intensity you have exposed it to over time while maintaining your recovery resources.

This is considered overkill!

No Nonsense Muscle Building - Men

I believe the biggest problem is that trainees are lead to be- lieve that intensity equals failure. Popular bodybuilding literature says to get an intense workout you must train to fail- ure. Intensity does not equal failure! You have to lift heavy weights for high reps in order to build bigger muscles. This concept will be explained later. Your muscles are designed to respond and to adapt to stress. Force them to do extra work and they adapt by getting bigger.

How do you force you muscles to do ex- tra work? By lifting weights that are heavier than your previous threshold for a longer duration high reps. Stated another way, you must work at a higher intensity. Note this defi- nition never said anything about lifting until absolute failure where you leave the gym crippled.

Muscles get bigger and stronger as an adaptation to increased demands placed on them. Your brain will only send signals to grow more muscle if there is suf- ficient reason to. The reason must be that your body needs more muscle in order to tolerate all the hard work it is doing. Once your muscles perform more work than your previous workout your mission is accomplished. You have achieved progressive overload and it is time to move on to the next muscle group.

There is absolutely no rational for continuing a Nazi torture session for another 45 minutes on the same muscle after it has already surpassed its previous work threshold. This is considered overkill and leads to wasted energy that could be utilized growing muscle and results in a delayed recovery. You will learn shortly that training to failure within a set is completely acceptable and nothing shy of this will promote muscle growth.

Page 31 of All rights reserved. Do professional athletes and teams practice instinctively? Do competitive long dis- tance athletes train without their stopwatch? Do swimmers work out without mea- suring the distance and time of each interval? Of course not. So why would someone trying to build muscle favor an ineffective and unproven tool that can lead you astray? Building muscle is based on improving the intensity of the workout progressively in each session.

Aside from listening to your body and hearing your mind say stop, can you really de- cipher which was more intense? In this manual I will give you tools of reason to gage your progress - not poorly defined instincts! I agree that there are perfect principles but not perfect workouts.

The perfect workout usually follows the latest trends, changes every few months, involves some miracle pill on the pages of hyped-up magazines and web sites. The problem with the perfect workout is that it is written by an author in the absence of your abilities, training age, genetics, and goals. Your are better off looking for the per- fect principles that will ensure muscle growth.

Also, any workout is like the food in your cupboards. What do you do when it expires? You throw it out — it is no longer useful and has no more purpose. Every train- ing workout has a lifespan to it and will expire as well. However, I would be lying to you if I told you that my program did not have an expiry date.

You will not fully exploit the potential of my program in a period of less than six months. There is no program or author of a program that knows more about your body and personal circumstances better than you do. Your body is a brilliant or- ganism and will adapt to anything you force on it. This means that the initial stimulus of any perfect program will wear off because your body will accommodate to it.

Page 32 of All rights reserved. To prevent plateaus, you must learn how to cycle a few of the most fundamental muscle building principles discussed shortly. The muscle pump is described as when you put your muscles under an extended peri- od of constant tension.

As your muscles stretch and contract they become gorged with blood, making them feel tighter and fuller. Getting a muscle pump is not necessarily what causes the muscle to grow — doing reps with a light rep will create a huge pump, but will this make your muscle grow?

Distance runners get a pump in their legs when they sprint up- hill. Do they get big muscles? Heck no! The main problem with training for the pump is that it leads to muscular fatigue and not muscular overload. Muscular fatigue is when you lift moderate weights for higher reps and you can not complete the set because of the burning sensation caused from the lactic acid buildup which results from a lack of oxygen to the muscle.

You com- plete the set far from muscular overload. You must discontinue the set because your muscles are simply on fire and burning — not because your muscles failed you because of strength. Lactic acid, waste products, and no oxygen are great if you want to lose body fat, do a cutting phase or run a marathon, but they will limit the size you put on your frame. Now if you are lifting extremely heavy weights and achieving a pump then this is a very good sign that you are making the muscle fibers work enough.

Page 33 of All rights reserved. Chapter 3: How To Build Muscle. If you just arrived today from planet Mars and were not exposed to any of the above mythology, you would instantly have an unfair advantage over the rest of the skinny guys trying to build a body they deserve and can be proud of — a body that turn heads and captures attention everywhere. If you are still struggling with some of the above myths I do not expect you to let go of your own way of thinking and crash your inner hard drive immediately.

However, each day you need to delete corrupt files that you have allowed to influence your way of thinking and replace them with new fresh files that will make your system perform more efficiently and powerfully!

To emphasize again, as you read through this course you must trust me — completely let go and abandon any preconceived ideas you may have. Filter out all the tips and secrets and techniques that did not get you anywhere. No matter how popular a certain concept is, it might not be for you. Follow it as if you are really from another planet and have never read any popular bodybuilding literature before.

What you are going to learn in this e-book is absent from the majority of bodybuilding and fitness magazines, gym conversations, and personal training certifications. I real- ize it will take courage and faith to go against what everyone else is doing. Most training programs you have followed only work temporary or for short periods of time.

Some authors will tell you three exercises per muscle group, some will say 6 sets of 6, and some will say 4 sets of 8. Some say short rest, some say long rest, some say train every 3 days, some say 5 days. So which is it? The method I will teach you is the most powerful way to build muscle naturally and has been shown to work indefinitely until you reach your true genetic potential and disposition for size!

I will put to rest all the confusion and explain the simplest yet most powerful system to insane muscle gain! You must earn muscle! It is not something given to you freely. In fact, your body does not even want to keep muscle on your body — it is metabolically very costly.

Your muscle is lazy and would prefer to sleep all day — not grow. Page 34 of All rights reserved. Get this through your head - you must give your muscles a reason to grow. Because your body is designed to adapt to stress.

Walk into the cold and you will begin to shiver to keep warm. Walk into a hot room and your body will sweat to keep you cool. Walk into the sun and your skin will darken to protect you from the sunlight. Basically, if you wish to reach your training objectives you must train specific to your goals. If you want to become a really good runner — run. If you want to become a really good swimmer — swim.

If you want to become really good at super sets and drop sets — do super sets and drop sets. But realize these training principles are not based on forcing your muscle to do more work, which is the only way to force more muscle growth. These techniques will make you fail because of fatigue, not strength. Hard to believe but think about it yourself. Applied in bodybuilding this means that for every action there is a reaction, so if you apply a specific stress the cause there should be a specific adaptation the effect.

Your muscles will not grow larger than they have to accom- modate for that specific stress. Page 35 of All rights reserved. Even if you are increasing reps and sets, the muscle might grow minimally but there will be NO sufficient reason for your muscle to grow further because you are still within your natural threshold. So if you want to gain pounds of muscle a year — keep following conventional training programs that emphasize higher volumes of training, because they are not made for extraordinary gains.

Think of your muscles as being lazy - they always want to sleep. They will only wake up in an extreme emergency and if it disrupts their sleep. Your muscles do not want to work any harder than have to and will only use the necessary amount of muscle fibers re- sponsible to get the job done.

If this means the inactive muscle fibers make no effort or contribution to the lift — so be it. They would rather sleep anyway and not have to go to work and grow. From this we discover that we must do exercises that are extremely demanding yet avoiding injury and involve the totality of the muscle.

So how do we recruit and use every single muscle fiber without our own MRI machine? Forget those wimpy isolation exercises that target only part of the muscle. Simply lifting heavy weights close to your one rep max will not do the trick. Ask your- self — will your muscles be forced to grow more by doing reps of a heavy weight or reps with the same heavy weight?

Over the years I have watched so many guys in the gym load up plates a side on leg press or dead lift plates a side and they did not look any bigger than any other guys in the gym. These guys appeared to be as strong as oxen, but had nothing to visu- ally show for it. You see — these guys were only lifting for reps. I bet you even know a lot of friends who are super strong but their muscularity does not match up.

Page 36 of All rights reserved. Why is this? This is the main reason many get stronger and stronger but look the same as when they joined the gym two years ago. Their weights go up but their muscle size does not. The central nervous system or neural system is what instructs your mus- cles. So the signal is sent from the nervous system — or command center — to the muscles. If you use a modem or dial-up-connection the signals can be slow and involve multiple tries.

You see, slow speed Internet sends very weak signals to your computer and can be an ineffective way of working.

On the flip side, when working with high-speed cable, broadband or DSL Internet, the connection is very quick and almost instantaneous. The signals sent are very strong and if you are trying to download something it happens in a matter of seconds. The signals from your brain to your muscles operate on the same concepts.

The stron- ger these signals, the more force, speed and recruitment occurs in the muscles allow- ing you to lift more weight. Therefore, in alignment with the rule of specificity, your nervous system will certainly get better This is why you see Olympic lifters who can lift pounds in different power lifting events but do not have anywhere near the same muscle size as a bodybuilder.

You have probably read a lot about lifting with slow-speed, quality repetitions which instead of lifting heavy weights for muscle usually happen to be light weights - go figure mass. Quality light repetitions will do nothing for gaining muscle mass — there is no overload, there is no intensity, there is no unaccustomed stimulus and there is minimal muscle fiber recruitment.

To get the muscle to grow you must subject it to unaccustomed stress. When your muscles are subjected to a sufficient degree of unusual discomfort and stress not to the point of. Page 37 of All rights reserved. High volume workouts with multiple sets and multiple exercises will only allow you to work out at a moderate intensity and moderate weight. Training in these ranges only causes your muscles to laugh at you and go back to sleep because there is no damn good reason they need to grow.

If this was enough to build muscle you would see old ladies with huge muscles from all the groceries they carry around! While there is much research to say heavy weights and low reps is the only thing necessary for muscle growth - there is much more research and real-world results to prove that maximum muscle building occurs when heavy weights and high repetitions are used. Furthermore, the set must be taken to absolute muscular failure — nothing shy of this is acceptable.

You will note that I mentioned in Myth 9 that going to failure is not critical. Realize that I am referring to overall total body failure — staying in the gym for a reck- less amount of time for the sake of hammering your body.

This approach is wrong. Training to muscular failure within a set is correct. Interestingly, this is when you see the light and discover why you may have not been making significant gains using conventional training programs. Here is the contradic- tion — the author of a conventional muscle-building program tells you that you must train hard, and then prescribes a program that makes hard training impossible!

Working out with a conventional program is not severe enough to threaten the survival of the muscles and body. The conventional routine overload is too low and the stress is not progressive. This is why fitness magazine routines will always fail — the level of overload required contradicts the volume prescribed and the intensity is not reoccurring.

Your muscles will only signal the need for more muscle if they are scared or frightened into preventing a previous nightmare your previous training session. When you progres- sively overload your muscles they will be frightened of experiencing the same trauma and scared into growing so they do not have to face the same nightmare again!Put garbage in and garbage will come out in the form of de- creased energy, slow recovery, poor appetite, poor sleep, and poor attitude — all elements critical for muscle building.

I know. You should not begin our programs if you have a physical condition that makes intense exercise dangerous. This is why di- eting and cutting phases, where your calories are restricted for longer than days, result in an increase of cortisol. GH appears to affect every organ in the body, has been shown to support protein synthesis, a positive nitrogen balance, increased amino acid uptake, lipolysis fat breakdown , stimulate cartilage growth, and enhance immune cell function.

This is crazy! Your are better off looking for the per- fect principles that will ensure muscle growth. Nobody wants to appear apathetic, uncommitted and half-hearted towards their goals. Canada championship body building competition in Was it worth it?

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