Newly divorced Lacey Meyers wasted too many years yawning through sex in the missionary position. Now she's looking for a hookup with a man who can make. Editorial Reviews. Review. Liberating Lacey is one of the best erotic romances I' ve read in a long time. -- Dear Author The tension is thick and the sex is hot. Get Free Read & Download Files Liberating Lacey Ebook Anne Calhoun PDF. LIBERATING LACEY EBOOK ANNE CALHOUN. Download: Liberating Lacey.

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Liberating Lacey book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Newly divorced Lacey Meyers wasted too many years yawning. Liberating lacey anne calhoun read pdf. 9/11/ A more decent plot would be a helpful suggestion, but since there is none to be found here, let's roll with. Title: Liberating Lacey Author: Anne Calhoun Publication Info: Ellora's Cave . ISBN: Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy.

For Lacey, as it often is for people of exceptional wealth, things are a little easier — at least, the depth of her worries made it seem that way. Lacey is savvy and very likable though. The sex between them is wow. And for Hunter, Lacey is an unexpected pleasure that turns into a sort of dream or aspiration, that one day he could be with someone like her.

The tension is thick and the sex is hot and most importantly, the characters are believable and real and empathetic. This book is fabulous, and Hunter is too sexy for words. Heroes rarely take my breath away in the first scene, but wow, he sure did! And how do you end up being tough and successful in business and still be sheltered? Wordoftheday- opened35, as in I had to open 35 romance novels before I found a really good one,but the next 35 were really great. Ms Calhoun does a great job of weaving fabulous sex scenes with a story and characters we really care about.

Loved it! I always like to read something like this. That is usually a bit hard to find valuable information on the internet.

Liberating lacey anne calhoun

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Australia had only one prime minister Menzies from to , but then from to had six prime ministers. Now it's time for her to step out of her comfort zone and spice up her sex life. She goes to a popular club, known as the best place to find a hook up. But what Lacey didn't expect to find there was someone like Hunter Hunter is a salt of the earth, blue collar police officer. His excellent people skills extend past his job and right into the bedroom. He lives his life bouncing from relationship to relationship, never quite getting in too deep.

Could all that change after a very HOT introduction with Lacey at his favorite hook-up club? Did I mention that already? Hunter was The chemistry between these two was off the charts.

But there was more here than sex. There was a great story.

Lacey is trying to figure out her new self. She's moving into the second phase of her life. She's smart, beautiful, successful, independent and a sexual woman. Now what she needs is a man who can handle and accept all of that. She could have come off as pretentious or needy or insecure or any combination of things, but she wasn't.

She was strong yet vulnerable, understanding yet determined and above all a woman who knew what she wanted and now wasn't afraid to go after it. Hunter was the one who had to battle his insecurities and vulnerabilities, which is quite the change in a romance book. But here it was done in a way where it didn't show him as weak or emasculate him. It added an extra layer of endearment to his character, to watch him struggle between his heart and mind.

He had a hard time seeing a future with Lacey They lifted, restrained, contained, controlled. They didn't handle beautiful, delicate things. It felt a little convenient how the author just flipped the switch. I could have really used an epilogue to balance out the shift. Overall, this was such a great read and I'm kicking myself in the ass for having waited so long to read it. This was also my first Anne Calhoun book, but after this introduction I doubt it will be my last.

View all 35 comments. At first i was starting to think it was gonna be just all sex and no story. I was wrong. Yes there was alot of sex and damn hot sex too. But that was kind of the point. Lacey after her divorce from her "perfect, boring missionary sex marriage" wants someone to rock her world. Officer Hunter Anderson, oh Hunter, is definatley the man to do that. But what was supposed to be a one, maybe two time thing becomes more. I loved that these two were so opposites in life, but ha 4.

I loved that these two were so opposites in life, but had such a strong chemistry. But they also started to fall for each other. And i really did feel the connection between Lacey and Hunter. Hunter has secrets that cause him to have trust issues and why he backs off and tries to fight it. Lacey just keeps thinking he's having fun giving her "firsts". I love that they both start to need each other and realise that what they have is more than just hot sex.

They comfortable with each other. They want to be around each other. Hunter, oh my god, i loved him. Would loved to have read more of these two. Great erotic romance with a great sweet love story. Loved it. Oh and one more thing Thank you Blacky for the rec and pointing out to ignore the cheesy cover haha Thanks Samantha, Shar, Honey for the buddy read, Chan well you just had to start and finish before we even started!

View all 24 comments. Aug 28, Awilk -never sleeps- rated it it was ok Shelves: I will start this review off saying that for all of you readers who loved this, please don't hate me when I say that I don't understand all the fuss about this book. To start, I will tell you my problems with this story. Lacey was a character I couldn't connect with.

Perfect job, perfect house, perfect car, perfect clothes, do you see what I mean? She was too perfect for me to feel anything for. Her divorce did sound like it could have been a bit sad, but I didn't get enough information about I will start this review off saying that for all of you readers who loved this, please don't hate me when I say that I don't understand all the fuss about this book.

Her divorce did sound like it could have been a bit sad, but I didn't get enough information about it to form an opinion. Then to really annoy me, the first time she goes out looking for a man she finds Hunter. I really couldn't tell you the plot of this story. Woman goes out looking for a new man, finds a near perfect one, and they continue on having sex like bunnies.

The only slightly exciting bit at the end of the story I could see coming from a mile away, and I had it spot on. I realized while reading this that I was a little bored at times.

Now for the good. He was a sexy as hell cop who knew there is more then one use for his handcuffs. This man was a stud, and I would like him for myself. Hunter's Dad. He had all the best lines. I liked this man, and would like to know him in real life. It was not in your face. You could even miss it. So by the time I got to the end I didn't dislike this book, well because I got to the end rather quickly, but there was nothing in the story that made me excited or emotionally involved.

I quick, little bit steamy read, but it wasn't really for me. Aug 17, Wendy rated it it was amazing Shelves: I don't have enough words to express, how I feel about this book. It left me with tingles and a warm heart. A wonderful story, absolutely loved it. View all 25 comments. Dec 14, Mandi Schreiner rated it it was amazing. With a divorce three months behind her, Lacey is ready for a first.

Married fifteen years to Davis, after he left her over a year ago, Lacey is now ready to pick someone up in a bar. And that someone turns out to be Hunter Anderson. A cop, Hunter immediately zones in on the very attractive Lacey.

She tells him straight out she is looking to hook-up, and they make it out to the parking lot before passion overtakes them. Hello hot sex up against a SUV! After their initial romp, they make it back With a divorce three months behind her, Lacey is ready for a first.

[Reads] Liberating Lacey Free Books

Lacey is a high-powered mortgage broker who has done very well for herself. Hunter is a police officer, more of a blue collar worker.

Besides the difference in status, Lacey is 36 and Hunter is From here, this couple which start off as a one night stand turn into so much more. First of all, a big shout out to Kati, from Katidom for recommending this book to me. When I read her review a few days ago, and she stated that this erotic book flew into her top ten favorites for this year, I knew I had to check it out.

Liberating Lacey is an extremely well done erotic romance. In a sense Lacey is naive about the dating world, having only dated her ex-husband.

She has a close friend who whispers advice in her ear about how men really act.

Liberating lacey anne calhoun epub

And while she feels unsure of herself and the path she is taking, she is not scared to try new things and let it be known what she wants. The first time she has sex in the kitchen, the first time she has sex outside etc. This not only gives the readers very intense erotic scenes, but it gives Lacey this new found confidence. Hunter struggles with feeling good enough for Lacey. This eats at him through the whole book. Having trust issues from childhood, it eventually catches up with him.

This entire book read so smoothly and showcases their relationship in a wonderful progression. This is an erotic book, and the sex scenes are plentiful and long. It is just the perfect blend of sex and storyline. They are woven together so beautifully. And the end — it choked me up. Such a poignant scene. View all 6 comments. Jul 06, Kelly rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Romance fans who like a steamy read.

Why did I wait so long to read this? What a fantastic book. I loved Lacey and Hunter together. So many great scenes, especially the one in the rain. And every time he called her "beautiful", swoon!!!! Thank you Anne Calhoun for writing this book. It was refreshing to read about such a strong, independent heroine and an equally strong, but not overbearing hero. I loved every word, every page and I didn't want it to end. This is definitely one for the favorites shelf!

Liberating Lacey is just as much Hunter's story as Lacey's. And even though both the awful cover and the blurb emphasize a porno-like read, it's so much more. I will admit, the first half of the book is a lot of sex, not much talking, and quite a bit of inner dialogue.

But it perfectly sets the tone for the book and the changes that take place in this couple's lives. Lacey and Hunter's hookup happens within a year of thirty-six year old Lacey's divorce.

Lacey comes from money, and her prim and pr Liberating Lacey is just as much Hunter's story as Lacey's. Lacey comes from money, and her prim and proper marriage was not conducive to spontaneity. She knows there's more out there, and since she was married while in college, she never got to explore her sexuality with a willing partner.

So she finds herself at a club where she bumps into Hunter, a twenty-eight year old cop who is also looking for a good time. One thing leads to another, and the novelty of each other leads to a relationship, if only the occasional weekly bump-n-grind.

While the erotic aspect is not the ONLY focus of the story, it definitely catches your attention. Parking lots, countertops, bathrooms, bedrooms, mutual masturbation and handcuffs because come on Just when I'm getting comfortable with the idea that this is a sexy, well written erotic story, both players start to change their way of looking at the other.

Hunter is hung up on the idea that Lacey should never stay with a man like him, a paycheck to paycheck living man who deals with the dregs of society on a daily basis. And Lacey is positive that Hunter couldn't possibly be interested in more than the game they've been playing They are so lonely individually. As a reader, you can feel their comfort in each other, see how one is perfect for the other, but can do nothing but sit and watch as they circle, circle around, both too afraid or unbelieving to make a decision or take a chance.

I think it made me much more emotionally invested in their lives. I cried at the end.

I'm so so glad, that a whole YEAR after this was recommended to me, I finally picked it up, and highly recommend this to anyone who loves highly personal, emotional romance with hot erotica.

View all 10 comments. Jul 29, Catherine rated it it was amazing Shelves: I am completely floored by how much I enjoyed this book. I am not much of an Erotica reader, and when I have ended up dabbling in it I've found that I didn't enjoy it much. I don't like sex to be the focus of the book.

I want the relationship to be the focus, with some really hot sex helping to build that connection. And I don't like sex scene after sex scene with no character or emotional development. That just bores me. But I don't like when token emotions are written as an excuse for mor Wow. But I don't like when token emotions are written as an excuse for more sex, either. So, I return to Romance because Erotica seems unable to give me what I want. But this This delivered.

I am not a fan of one night stands and casual hookups, but this author pulled it off. I was completely caught up in the sexual tension between them and their attraction to each other. The sex was hot and frequent, but it never felt out of place or like it dominated their connection to each other.

It felt more like a safe excuse for them to use to be together while they slowly grew closer and closer--all the while proclaiming that what they had was casual. I really liked Hunter and Lacey and how well they fit together, regardless of their surface differences.

The age difference, the wealth gap, it all didn't matter when they were together. At times Lacey could be too accepting, and at times Hunter could be too closed off and standoffish, but it all fit together perfectly.

I loved that there was no subplot to take attention away from the main story. It was completely character driven and I loved the nonstop focus on their growing bond together.

I was also very relieved that Hunter actually sounded like a regular guy. His dialogue, both in the bedroom and out, had none of that overblown flowery prose that seems to be popular. Consider the over used phrase, "I want to taste your sweet honey. I'm really pleased with this read and am eager to try something else by the author. Hopefully I'll have the same success with her other work. Jan 01, Jill rated it it was amazing. Five Dreamy Stars from me!!! I was invited to read this book as a buddy read with V and Blacky.

I am so sorry guys, I started before you and just couldn't put the darn thing down. So now I am finished and I advise you guys just to keep reading and don't worry about reading my review until you are done!!

This book really doesn't look like anything special by the cover, in fact I think this cover does this book a complete diservice, it looks cheesy. This book is anything but cheesy. It's real peop Five Dreamy Stars from me!!! It's real people!! Hunter is real,Lacey is real, like as in you and me!! Lacey, 36, recently divorced from an exremely wealthy background.

Hunter,28, very at ease with himself at first glance cop, from dubious, secretive background. Caring, gentlemanly, hot, sexy I could seriously go on forever because I love him. These two meet when Lacey decides she is going to pick up a man after a life of missionary postition sex, very unsatisfactory sex. She wants to know, if it's possible to feel more or if it really is all just in the movies. So they meet and have incredible chemistry from the beginning.

Both just start off thinking this is going to be a one night thing. Their blooming relationship was so wonderful to read about , it was natural. Theirproblems ,well just look at there age difference, you know things aren't going to be easy for either of them as they deal with stereotypes. These exceptional characters,suprised me at every turn. Lacey with her spunk and steely spine. Hunter with his self awareness, his ability to flex and give this lady what she wants.

This book is also one of the hottest books I have ever read, however, it isn't rude and crude. They don't have to curse and use the rooster or kitty cat words. It's subtle, beautiful, raw and real oh god and the fantasy scene, sheesh. Read it!! You will die at the hotness of the bad cop scenario. I wish I was married to a cop!!!

This is also an incredibly well written book, you will not be ablt to put it down. Do not judge this book by the cover, please give it ago I promise you it is worth it! This was probably one of the hottest books I've read in a long time. The author did an outstanding job conveying the sexual attraction between Hunter and Lacey. To be honest, the book blurb didn't do much for me. This was a recommendation and the only reason I actually read it. I would have been missing out on a great story!

This book touches on two issues. Lacey is 8 years older than Hunter. She's 36 and he's I don't really see what the big deal. This is a typical age difference for an olde This was probably one of the hottest books I've read in a long time. Now if she was 15 years older, then I would understand this being a social issue. Either way, Hunter was a very mature man and I did not feel any gap for these two.

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I especially loved Lacey's attitude. She was mature, calm and composed. The second issue was their social status. Lacey is wealthy and Hunter is blue collar. This one actually ticked me off. I don't really get why the male ego is so fragile they have a hard time with the woman making more than the man. So in essence, neither issue really was an issue for me. The thing that could turn people off on this story was Hunter and his trust issues.

He wasn't a romantic, fun fling for Lacey, which was her goal being freshly divorced. He was intense and very closed off.

This so happens to work for me. I love it when a man is so closed off that it takes the one woman to bring him to life and that's what Lacey did. This book was basically a dance between the two. Neither one expected their fling to last but felt this undeniable pull towards each other that it was a struggle to stay away. This was a seriously hot attraction and you felt it! I loved this book! View all 12 comments. What a perfect story! Not Mrs. Robinson kind, though. Just so we're clear.

Despite the fact that this book definitely belongs to erotica genre, it's not as limited emotionally or romantically as most of the books in that genre are. It has a certain depth, characters are amazing, and there's actually a story going on, that's as important and carefully done as all the steaming hot sex scenes. That's rare. Simply put - I was hooked.

It was sort of "You had me at What a perfect story! It was sort of "You had me at Like what you see? Scene after scene, and page after page, it was only getting better and better. I loved both Lacey and Hunter. They are amazing together. Their thoughts, the way they develop a relationship, their dancing around each other, the new ground they both find themselves on, the beautiful thing, all the sharing of the firsts And, oh my, all those hot, steaming hot , scenes.

I love them all. Their dance, parking lot scene, dessert now scene, the step-by-step BJ instructions I know, I know Have I missed something? What I really loved were the last two chapters. So emotional, so good, so What I needed and the only thing I didn't get here is Any kind. Just so I can see a little something more of them together. May 07, Crista rated it it was amazing Shelves: Liberating Lacey is a book that I almost passed on, and thank goodness for my GR friends who wrote such compelling reviews that convinced me to give it a chance!

Although the cover looks like low budget porn, please do not be fooled!

This book has heart, soul, and depth!If anyone knows of books in this area, by all means suggest some titles to me. Oh, this one was great.

But this His excellent people skills extend past his job and right into the bedroom. And so All in all, it was an amazing read, and I'm definitely planning to go through all the books by this aut "He could have sat there with her forever, through the rain, through the night, through the rest of his life, looking down the slope of the hill toward the street Romance fans who like a steamy read.

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